Liquid Salito Quinine  Bass & Bro.
Terrell Tex
{small} W.T. Co. AN U.S.A.
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Liquid Quinine
Used for the treatment of Malaria.
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Overseer of the Farm or Foreman of the Railroad from
which the laborer was sent _to the hospital is notified
that the man was treated in the hospital for malaria and
requested to place the man on the Quinine List and give
him 30 grains of liquid quinine fifteen grains in the
morning and fifteen grains in the evening on every
Saturday and Sunday for eight weeks A copy of the
request is also sent to the Superintendent of Agriculture
or the Superintendent of the Railroad as the case may be
Each farm keeps a supply of liquid quinine on hand a
teaspoonful of which contains five grains of the quinine
solution As soon as the discharged hospital patient has
finished his eight weeks of treatment his name is erased
from the Quinine List The results obtained by Dr Vatson
by this method of treatment warrants our
recommending it strongly