1906 Pendleton, Umatilla Cty. 4,406
Koeppen & Bros, A.C.

Otto W. Koeppen, aged 50, a resident of
Pendleton, •Ore., for 23 years, died
November 28. He was born in 1873 at
Fountain City, Wis., and spent his boyhood
days at Sioux Falls, So. Dakota. He went to
Pendleton in 1900
Oregon, Pendleton
Pendleton's Prescription
Specialists Since 1900 Koeppen's
Thrifty Drug Store {etched}  
The first century of the Philadelphia college
of pharmacy, 1821-1921 - Page 555
Albert C. Koeppen

Alfred Lyman Koeppen b Pendleton Ore 16
Apr 1900