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Kiowa Tonic Company, Chicago; name
changed to Kiowa Company; ,capital
increased from $2500 to $7500:
Padres Wine Bitters Tonic Vino Chinato {small} {be} {wh} {db}
I Give You Health and Mathie's Malt Tonic              
One Dose Kiowa Tonic {db}
S-M-S- Herb Nu Tonic 1869 N. Damen Ave. Chicago Ill {embossed on The inside} {large}  {db}
Mendenhalls Chill And Fever Tonic red lettering {Evansville IN} {red ACL}  {am} {be} {db}{wh}
Groves Tasteless Chill Tonic {red ACL}  {db} {ac}
Groves Tastless Chill Tonic Made By The Makers Of Bromo Quinine For Colds {etched} {be} {ac}
Excelsior Botonical Co's Dose Glass Boonville N.Y. {small}                         
Man's Ideal Tonic F.P. Howland M.D. Cortland N.Y. {large}  {be}
Here’s To You Tonic Port Makes Rich Red Blood Flegenheimer Bros. Proprietors {etched}   {am}
Alexander's Liver & Kidney Tonic Akron O   {rd}.
Todd's Tonic {U.S. stars and stripes shield in between The 2 words Best tonic in The world {etched}   {wp}
The Family Drug Store Dr. Chase E. Chagnon Prop. Arctic R.I. Try Maltox the Great Tonic. {etched} {T3}                  
Dr. Green's Blood Purifier And Nerve Tonic {small}   {be} {wh} {wp} {db}
A Wonderful Tonic For The Stomach Drink Vandenburg's Iron And Wine Tonic {etched}    {be}
Dr. Brown's Celery Tonic        
Illinois, Chicago
One Dose Kiowa Tonic
{white etched}