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Joseph E. Harned- Dr. Joseph Edward
Harned, pharmacist and botanist of
Oakland, Md., died on May 5, 1951, after an
illness of 3 weeks. He is survived by a son,
Harold H. Harned, of Oakland, and a
daughter, Mrs. Hubert K. Burdette, of Mt.
MD-Oakland-Harned's Drugs {dose
indicator spoon}
New Era Druggists Directory 1921
MD-Oakland, Garret Cty., 1,366 pop
Gonder, Thos. A.
Harned, Jos. E. {Oakland Pharmacy}
Sturgiss Pharmacy
1910 United States Federal Census

Jos E Harned
[Joe E Hamer]
[Jos E Hanna]  

Age in 1910: 39

Birth Year: abt 1871

Birthplace: Maryland

Home in 1910: District 14, Garrett, Maryland

Spouse's Name: Emma Harned

Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Household Members:
Jos E Harned  39
Emma Harned  44
Harold Harned  14
Louise Harned  10
1940 United States Federal Census

Name: Joseph Harned

Age: 69

Estimated birth year: abt 1871

Birthplace: Maryland

Home in 1940: Oakland, Garrett, Maryland

Occupation: Druggist

Household Members:
Joseph Harned  69
Emma Harned  69