Oregon, Dallas
When You Use This Think Of
Fuller's Pharmacy Dallas
Ore. (etched} {T3}
The Pharmaceutical Era March,
1916 Page 117.
WV Fuller president of the Fuller Pharmacy
Dallas Ore according to the Portland
Telegram will seek the Republican
nomination for joint representative from
Polk and Lincoln counties in the legislature
while his druggist competitor Captain
Conrad Stafrin of Company L Third Oregon
Infantry will be a candidate for the
nomination of the same party for
representative for Polk county

Conrad Stafrin Chemist & Druggist
Letterhead C944

STAFRIN Conrad 1876/1932
Millie M 05/08/1877 11/04/1964 b/Canada
The Era Druggists Directory Of The
United States,  Canada, Cuba,
Porto Rico, Manila and Hawaiian
18th Edition 1916
Dallas, Polk 2,124
Fuller Pharmacy, W.V.
Mancock, Carl H.
Stafrin, Conrad
Strafrin Drug Store
Sharp & Dohme
20" X 10 5/16" X 1"