Nyal Science Precision Integrity Your Safeguards // Normal Temp 98 Adult Pulse 72 3 3/8"
South Dakota, Vivian
A Remembrance  Frick The
Druggist  Try The Drug Store First
The Nyal Store Prescriptions
Radios and Jewelry Vivian So. Dak
{etched} {HA} (T4} C1962HA-3-14
Compliments Of Nyal
Quality Drug Store
Nyad Throat And Nasal Atomizer
with glass Liquid Tube
Sold Exclusively By Nyal Service
Drug Stores
Made In U.S.A.
This is a dark amber heavy glass, with
markings for :  Teaspoonful;  
Desertspoonful; and Tablespoonful.   (They
do have dessert spelled with one "S").   
Glass is 1-3/8" in outside diameter at base,
and about 1-1/2" at top.  It stands 1-3/4"
tall.   Glass is in original lightweight
cardboard box.  Box states that this is a
"Nyal's Kalatone Dose Cup" from the "Nyal
Company of Detroit, Mich., U.S.A."  

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