Nyal Science Precision Integrity Your Safeguards // Normal Temp 98 Adult Pulse 72 3 3/8"
A Remembrance  Frick The
Druggist  Try The Drug Store First
The Nyal Store Prescriptions
Radios and Jewelry Vivian So. Dak
{etched} {HA} (T4} C1962HA-3-14
In My Collection
In My Collection
Compliments Of Nyal
Quality Drug Store
Vivian, South Dakota
Nyad Throat And Nasal Atomizer
with glass Liquid Tube
Sold Exclusively By Nyal Service
Drug Stores
Made In U.S.A.
In My Collection
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This is a dark amber heavy glass, with
markings for :  Teaspoonful;  
Desertspoonful; and Tablespoonful.   (They
do have dessert spelled with one "S").   
Glass is 1-3/8" in outside diameter at base,
and about 1-1/2" at top.  It stands 1-3/4"
tall.   Glass is in original lightweight
cardboard box.  Box states that this is a
"Nyal's Kalatone Dose Cup" from the "Nyal
Company of Detroit, Mich., U.S.A."  

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