F. Forthman Pharmacist Waynesboro PA
1900 Census: Ferdinand Forthman age: 65 born November 1834 in Germany.
Occupation: Druggist
Wife: Mary C. Forthman Age: 54
Son: James M. Forthman Age: 33
Daughter: Bertha Forthman Age: 28
Son: Franklin B. Forthman Age: 20
Daughter: Lela B. Forthman Age: 14
Son: Ralph E. Forthman Age: 12

Forthman And Miller {monogram} Waynesboro Pa.
{spoon} C1003
Large chip center at bottom of picture
small chips top right of picture

1900 Census: Jacob J. Miller age: 65 born August 1834 in Pennsylvania.
Wife Elizabeth C. Miller Age: 63
Son: Daniel L. Miller Age: 32 "Druggist"