Footed Dose Cups
John O. Golden inc.
Portland, Ore.  2 1/2"
Golden's  Products lg
1 Oz 8 Tea      
G.E. Greene
Druggist And Pharmacist
Hope Valley RI
2 Table 8 Tea  2 1/2"
Very scarce
Eclectic Medical Company
Richmond Va
2 Table 8 Tea 2 1/4"
No Spout
No Spout
No Spout
With Spout
Dr. Fox's
For The Blood
Errera Collection
No Spout
American druggist, Volume 22‎ -
Page 312
Medical - 1893

A petition has been circulated by
James P. Lynde, of Le Gro &
Lynde, druggists
of Palmer, Mass., asking the
selectmen to grant the druggists a
license to sell liquors for
Medicinal, Mechnical and
Chemical purposes
MA-Palmer-Try Our Bef Iron &
Wine Jamaica Ginger Pectoral
Cough Syrup LeGro & Lynde
MA-Salem-C.H. + J. Price
Pharmacists Salem Mass.  
MA-West Gardiner
G. W. Garland
Pharmacist Garlands Block
West Gardener Mass
2 Table 8 Tea 2 1/2"
Very scarce
Brace Up and use Smith &
Cooks Sarsparilla and Iron
American druggist and
pharmaceutical record, Volume
31‎ - Page 290
Medical - 1897

Edward Carney formerly with
CH and J Salem has entered
Tufts Medical School
History of the town of Gardner,
Worcester County, Mass: from the
...‎ - Page 264 1878

" Multum In parvo."

This company was organized, in
the summer of 1875, with the
following officers: G. W. Garland, M.
D., President; J. J. Dunn, Secretary
and Treasurer; G. W.'Garland, M. D.,
H. C. Knowlton, J. W. Hill, Directors.
July 1st, 1875, this company
purchased a small screw steamer,
called the " Little Favorite,"
capable of seating thirty persons
and costing $650. This steamer is
in great demand, by the numerous
excursion parties, which gather at
Crystal Lake Grove, during the
summer months, as well as by
private parties, on
MA-West Gardiner
Try Chas. A. Adams Pharmacist  Beef Iron
& Wine West Gardiner Mass. {etched
footed w/spout}
Maine Bio's
Footed with this type of a pour spout  
Manufacture unknown
ME-Auburn        Brace Up and use Smith & Cooks Sarsaparilla and Iron {etched footed w/pour spout} {footed}
NY-New York        Economy No. 20  2 Oz. Meinecke & Co. {large} {footed}
OR-Portland        John O. Golden Inc.  Goldens + Products {clear} {footed}
VT-Rutland        Compliments F.H. Chapman & Co. Pharmacists Rutland Vt. {etched} {footed}
Y-Maverick        The Boss Pill {monogram} {footed}