Mr. Bergsengs,
You have recently been in contact with my Aunt Teri Sardina (nee Gust)
who was talking to you in regards to a piece of glassware that my
great-grandfather, Edward Flintrop had for his customers.  As you know,
he was a pharmacist in West Allis, WI and was well known on the eastern
side of the city and was a staple on Burnham Street.
I understand that you are a collector of such antiques and appreciate that
you value history as much as I do.  For a hobby, I have begun the long and
tedious process to map out my genealogy.  I have been collecting
information and family heirlooms to keep myself reminded of where I
have came from.
My question to you sir is that if you are willing to part ways with my
great-grandfather's glassware.   I understand, that as a collector, you
may not want to part ways with it, which is what I expect collectors to do.  
I am though, willing to pay you to purchase this piece of glassware if you
feel so inclined too.
My name is Christopher Ellmann, and am the great-grandson of Edward
Flintrop.  My grandmother Eunice Gust (Flintrop), was my grandmother
and daughter of Edward.
You can contact me here, and like I have stated before, I am just inquiring
from you if you are willing to allow me to purchase this family artifact.  
Hope to hear from you soon, and if you have any questions of the Flintrop
Pharmacy, I would be glad to lend you information.

Thank you for your time,
Christopher Ellmann
Wisconsin, West Allis
Compliments Of Edwin F. Flintrop Druggist N.E. Cor. 51 st And Burnham West Allis Wis. Tel. Orchard 4029
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