1912-The Pharmaceutical Era - Volume 45 -
Page 670
GEORGIA Eastman The Eastman drug store
which went bankrupt several weeks ago
has been sold at auction to GM Parkerson
and Hutson Goolsby for $2510 Mr
Parkerson is a graduate of the University of
Georgia and Mr Goolsby has been
connected with the Edwards Ramsey
pharmacy for several years
1949-South Dakota Journal of Medicine and
Pharmacy, Volume 2 page 18
PLatte S. Dakota
Eastman Drug Store At Platte
Pacific Drug Review - Volume 63, Part 1 -
Page 64
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The Eastman drug store. Soda Springs,
opened in 1884, six years before Idaho
became a state, is currently undergoing
remodeling under the management of its
third ownership, Sherman and Reed Lowe.
Two buildings are being combined in ..
Seller: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
1930-Hayes: Earl Eastman
1946 Hayes: Eastman Drug Store
"This is the most likely location"
South Dakota, Platte        
Eastman Drug Store
{metal dose indicator spoon}