California, Red Bluff
Chas. H. Darrough Pharmacist Red Bluff Cal.

1910 Census: C. H. Darrough age: 48 born about 1862 in IOwa.
Occupation: Merchant Drug Store
Wife: Emmer S. Darriugh Age: 48
1870 Proceedings of the American
Pharmaceutical Association at the ...:
Volume 36 - Page 642
Charles Henry Darrough

1917 The estate of the late CH Darrough of
Red Bluff who recently passed away in that
city has been appraised at $100,000 The
estate consists of the Red Bluff Drug Store
and real estate in Red Bluff and Willows
One half the property goes to the
decedent's sister and the other half is to be
held in trust the income of which is to be
used for the benefit of the widow during her
lifetime and upon her death to be
transferred to a nephew or his heirs
1885 Proceedings: General index to
volumes one to fifty of the ... - Page 501
Pharmaceutical Association - 1885 - 592
That the following candidates reported at
the first session had been duly elected
members : Charles Henry Darrough, Red
Bluff, Cal.