New York, Rochester         Erie Canal Town
Curran & Goler Druggists Powers Hotel Rochester
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1884 Rochester Directory Richard Curran & George Goler Druggists
Traded Off
1870 United States Federal Census
Name: Richard Curran

Age in 1870: 32

Birth Year: abt 1838

Birthplace: Ireland

Home in 1870:
Rochester Ward 1, Monroe, New York

Occupation: Druggist

Household Members:
Richard Curran 32
Mary A Curran 29
Mary M Curran 10
Sabina Curran 6
Emma Curran 1
Mary Malony 25
New York, State Census, 1875
Name: Georg W Goler

Age: 45

Birth Year: abt 1830

Residence Place:
Rochester Ward 15, Monroe, New York, USA

Spouse's Name: Frances F Goler

Occupation: Druggist

Household Members:
Georg W Goler  45
Frances F Goler  35
Frank Goler  8
Mary Goler  3
Amelia Goler  1
Lusenda Rite  69
Minnrva Rite  45
Richard Curran Born: 1838 in Ireland
Dr. George W. Goler  born Brooklyn New York August 24, 1864 Graduated New York College of Pharmacy class of 1884

1865 Richard Curran & George W. Goler {Curran & Goler Druggists} Rochester, New York
1876 Richard Curran & Frances T. Goler {wife of George W. Goler} {Curran & Goler Druggists}
1895 New York (State). Courts
,The defendants Richard Curran and Frances T. Goler on the 9th day of December, 1895. were co-partners, under flip firm
name of Curran & Goler, in the drug business: having a store at No. 44 West Main street. Rochester, NY At that time.