Culpepper The Druggist
Saves You Money
{Small} W.T. & Co. U.S.A.
Traded Off
Arkansas Board of Pharmacy At an
examination November 12 the following were
granted certificates of registration
Culpepper Pine Bluf

Judsonia, Ark.  LM Culpepper
, formerly city
salesman for CJ Lincoln Drug Company, has
purchased a drug store here

Judsonia Ark LM Culpeppe
r has sold his drug
store to Dr RL Little

Hazen, Arkansas L.M. Culpepper Drug Co.

The Carlita Eckhart estate this glass came
from was in  Little Rock. AR
151358 Born in Dawson, Ga. Wife of
Thomas Culpepper was a pharmicist in
Meriwether Co., Georgia, beginning in 1902,
and he continued his practice for 65 years
W.T. & Co. markings
Eliminate this as an Arkansas glass.
"for L.M. Culpepper only"
Because the marking is prior to 1901
Tarif Act
W.T. & Co. U.S.A.
? Georgia or Arkansas ?
1906 Pennsacola, Florida
C.T. Culpepper
Mount Lebanon, Louisiana
W.W. Culpepper & Son
Greenville, Georgia
T.J. Culpepper
Georgia Board of Pharmacy The Georgia
Board of Pharmacy met in the State Capitol
on March 23 for the examination of
applicants for license to practice pharmacy
There were forty two applicants of which
number thirty passed PHARMACISTS CB
Attaway T J Browne
TJ Culpepper HJ
Fletcher HW Walters JS Wertz EM Holley
GEORGIA Atlanta the progressive and wide
awake city will have a full fledged College of
Pharmacy next season At the meeting of
the stockholders of the new Citizens Bank
and Trust Co of Thomasville two well
known drug who have left the ranks
Reid and JT Culpepper
were elected to fill
important positions Mr Reid the directory
and Mr Culpepper as cashier
Reid & Culpepper of Thomasville have sold
out their stock of drugs to R Thomas Jr and
RC Dickinson and stationery and books to
JE Robinson & Co Messrs R & C are
intimately connected with the new Citizen's
Savings and Trust Bank to which they
expect to devote their entire attention
Tarif Act
W.T. & Co. U.S.A.
The bottom markings fits
<---Available for a trade. I need glasses from AK-AZ-FL-HI-ID-MT-ND-NM-NV-SC-WY
1880 Federal Census
Laurence Culpepper is listed as the 11 year old son of B. F. Culpepper (46)
(Tennessee) (Farmer) and Jennie Culpepper (35) (Mississippi) in Lincoln
County, Owen, Arkansas. Threee other children are listed: Mollie (14)
(Arkansas), Luther (11) (Arkansas) (must have been a twin brother) and Jennie
(2) (Arkansas).

1900 Federal Census
Jennie Culpepper is listed as a Widow in Lincoln County, Owen, Arkansas.
Living with her are a daughter Jennie (22), a son John (19) (Arkansas), a son
James (16) (Arkansas), a daughter Ruth
(15) (Arkansas), and a daughter Edna A. (12) (Arkansas). Lawrence would have
been 28 to 30 years old and he was not living with her at the time...

1910 Federal Census

Lawrence Culpepper is listed as Druggist / Wholesale in Pulaski County, Sixth
Ward of Little Rock, Arkansas.  He gave his age at the time as 38 years of
age.   He was born in Arkansas.  Living with him were his wife Angie (22)
(Arkansas), a daughter Dorothy (2) (Arkansas), and a daughter Margaret (9
mos.) (Arkansas)

1920 Federal Census

Lawrence M. Culpepper is listed as a Druggist  in Prairie County, Hazen,
Arkansas.  He gave his age as 46 years of age.  Same family with additional
daughter Ruth E. (3) (Arkansas)