Georgia, Atlanta
Culpepper The Druggist
Saves You Money
{Small} W.T. & Co. U.S.A.
Traded Off
Thomas Culpepper was a pharmicist in
Meriwether Co., Georgia, beginning in 1902,
and he continued his practice for 65 years
Greenville, Georgia
T.J. Culpepper
Georgia Board of Pharmacy The Georgia
Board of Pharmacy met in the State Capitol
on March 23 for the examination of
applicants for license to practice pharmacy
There were forty two applicants of which
number thirty passed PHARMACISTS CB
Attaway T J Browne TJ Culpepper HJ
Fletcher HW Walters JS Wertz EM Holley
GEORGIA Atlanta the progressive and wide
awake city will have a full fledged College of
Pharmacy next season At the meeting of
the stockholders of the new Citizens Bank
and Trust Co of Thomasville two well
known drug who have left the ranks JW
Reid and JT Culpepper were elected to fill
important positions Mr Reid the directory
and Mr Culpepper as cashier
Reid & Culpepper of Thomasville have sold
out their stock of drugs to R Thomas Jr and
RC Dickinson and stationery and books to
JE Robinson & Co Messrs R & C are
intimately connected with the new Citizen's
Savings and Trust Bank to which they
expect to devote their entire attention
Tarif Act
W.T. & Co. U.S.A.
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