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"Miller Collection"
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Stockton, Cal.
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California, Stockton Clayes "Varients"
Circa: 1900-
1896        American druggist and pharmaceutical record, Volume 28
The California Board of Pharmacy The California State Board of Pharmacy met in regular session
January 8 adjourning January 18 The following were registered as graduates WF Diesbach FG Lindsay
CJ Abraham H Lippen SW Prew ett JF Christopher EA Hazen J Von Werthern As licentiates without
examination RW Borthwick F Bran dsch The following applicants passed the licentiate examination S
Miller Jr HL Smith CH Colpe GW Lawrence PF McMorry BS Dickhoff JJ Freeman A Lawrence RH
Bowman ER Tait The applicants named below passed the assistant examination CF Newman EL
Fletcher EL Wegener WV Grimes JH Hughes G Lichthardt W L Clayes

1918        NARD journal: Volume 26, Issue 11 - Page 473
A well known pioneer druggist of California has been called by death in the passing of Samuel R
Clayes proprietor of Clayes drug store Main and Hunter streets Stockton The decedent was a 49 er
and after conducting a drug store in Modesto disposed of the business and returning to Stockton took
over the HM Moore drug store which he conducted in the Odd Fellows building for a period of eleven
years before moving to his later location His death was due to apoplexy
New Era Druggist Directory's
Stockton Clayes, S.R.
San Francisco Clayes & Co. W.J.
Stockton Clayes, S.R.
Stockton Clayes, S.R.
San Francisco Clayes W.J.
Stockton No Percentage Drug Store
{S.R. Clayes Prop.}

San Francisco Clayes, Dr. W.J.
{Dolores Pharmacy}1599 Dolores
{Stork Pharmacy} 29th & Dolores
{large} W.T. Co. B