American druggist and pharmaceutical
record - Volume 67 - Page 64

1919 - Read - More editions
Al Carvel has bought an interest in the Max
Drug Store at Max, N. D. Dr. N. E. Getman, of
Larchwood, S. D., has sold out to Corne
Lommerson. Fred H. Green ..
. D. W. Bell, of
Omaha, Neb., sold his drug store in
Herman, Neb., to C. E. Johnson.
Nebraska, Herman
Complimentys Of D.W. Bell
Druggist Herman Nebraska
{etched} {T3}

Not listed in 1906 Directory
1911: Herman Washington Cty., Population 321
1916: Herman Washington Cty., Population 345
The Bell Drug Co. 1216 Farnam St.
Omaha  Neb {etched}
"not in my collection"