Albany            {Erie Canal Town}
A.D. Warner Inc. "Albany's Quality
Drug Store" 446 Broadway Albany
NY {etched} {t1}
Albany  {Erie Canal Town}
Chas. H. Gaus Apothecary Albany
N.Y. {small} C
$20.00        C4951-S6-18
Albany  (Erie Canal Town}
Compliments Of Franklin I.
Knowles Cut Price Druggist Corner
Of Broadway & Clinton Ave Albany
N.Y {etched} {T3) {etched} {T3)
$20.00       C5341-E1-24
Albany   (Erie Canal Town
Dr. R. Liston 115 & 117 Grand St.
{small} W.T. & Co. AI U.S.A.
Traded Off
I ship priority  $15.00
for any number bought.