Haussamen & Hamilton Druggists
Grafton & Park River D.T.
{mm} Sold for $760.00
1920 United States Federal Census

Name: Harry L Haussamen
[Hary L Houseman]  

Age: 60

Birth Year: abt 1860

Birthplace: Canada

Home in 1920: Grafton, Walsh, North Dakota

Immigration Year: 1881

Spouse's Name: Jean C Haussamen

Father's Birthplace: Germany

Mother's Birthplace: Germany

Occupation: Druggist
Household Members:
Harry L Haussamen  60
Jean C Haussamen  48
Rhoda Haussamen  13
Henry C Haussamen  12
Lydia Thompson  18
1920 United States Federal Census

Name: Wm C Hamilton
[Woo G Hamilton]  

Age: 58

Birth Year: abt 1862

Birthplace: Iowa

Home in 1920: Grand Forks Ward 7, Grand
Forks, North Dakota

Spouse's Name: Ella Hamilton

Occupation: Druggist

Father's Birthplace: Ohio

Mother's Birthplace: Indiana

Household Members:
Wm C Hamilton  58
Ella Hamilton  58
Louis Hamilton  23
Roland Hamilton  21
Irene Hamilton  14
Dakota Territory
The Territory of Dakota was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from
March 2, 1861, until November 2, 1889, when the final extent of the reduced territory was split and
admitted to the Union as the states of North and South Dakota.
DT-Casselton        G.W. Bodle Druggist Casselton Dak. {small}        p                $499.00
DT-Grafton D.T.        Otto O. Krogstad Elephant Drug Store Grafton Dakota         p        {wh}        
DT-Grafton & Park River        Haussamen & Hamilton Druggists Grafton & Park River D.T. {large} {mm}
1895 The Pharmaceutical Era pg.61
G.W. Bodle sold to C.R. Meredith

Sold for $499.00
1920 United States Federal Census
about Otto O Krogstad

Name: Otto O Krogstad
[Otto O Krogatad]  

Occupation: Druggist

Birth Year: abt 1860

Birthplace: Norway

Home in 1920: Portland, Multnomah, Oregon

Immigration Year: 1870

Spouse's Name: Rebekah J Krogstad

Father's Birthplace: Norway

Mother's Birthplace: Norway

Household Members:
Rebekah J Krogstad  58

"Sellwood Pharmacy, Otto Krogstad prop."
Collector {wh}
1-Grafton, North Dakota
2-Toledo, Oregon
3-Portland, Oregon