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=====================Above: I try to collect one of each type for this state=====================
#1 Small
1 7/8"
#2 Large
2 1/4"
#3 Spoon
#4 Conical
#5 Etched T1
2t-8t 2 1/4"
#6 Etched T3
4t-1w 2 5/8
#7 Etched T4
HA 4t-1w
#8 ACL T9
Brigham City
Brigham City Pharmacy  A 20th
Century Drug Store Prescription
Druggists Brigham City Utah
{etched} {T3} Traded Off
C0-Operative Drug Co. The
Prescription Store Logan Utah
{etched} {T3} Traded Off
Salt Lake City  
A.C. Smith & Co. Druggist  Salt Lake
City Ut. {small}
Compliments of Riter Bros. Drug
Co. States Of Utah & Idaho
{Multiple City's} {etched} Traded Off