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=====================Above: I try to collect one of each type for this state=====================
#1 Small
1 7/8"
#2 Large
2 1/4"
#3 Spoon
#4 Conical
#5 Etched T1
2t-8t 2 1/4"
#6 Etched T3
4t-1w 2 5/8
#7 Etched T4
HA 4t-1w
#8 ACL T9
Baton Rouge
W. C. Chambers Druggist Baton
Rouge La {conical}
Traded Off
Dunlap's Dixie Drug Store
Prescriptions A Specialty Phone
994  Istrouma. La. {etched}
$50.00   C4752Ha2-12
Jena Pharmacy Prescription
Specialists Phone 2-5565 Jena La.
{ACL} {T9}
$25.00   L10-21  
New Orleans
Alex K. Finlay {mortar & Pestle}
New Orlean {small}
$150.00    C10051-SO-44
New Orleans
B. Lewis Druggist New Orleans
{small} nothing
Traded Off
LA-New Orleans        
Compliments W.M. Levy
Pharmacist New Orleans La
$150.00    C10051-L4-21
New Orleans
Compliments ot WM Graner
Baronne & Felicity {small}
$150.00    C10051-SO-45
New Orleans
Geo. D. Feldner {mortar & pestle &
monogram} Druggist 3218
Magazine St.  N. O. La. {small} W.T.
& Co. AJ
$150.00   C10052-S6-93   
New Orleans
Eugene May Canal & Chartres New
Orleans {small}
C9435S1-1                   $150.00
New Orleans  
H E Grice & Co Druggist 613
Magazine St. {large}
Traded Off
New Orleans
Max Samson Druggist {monogram}
111 Camp St. N.O. LA {small}
Traded Off
New Orleans
Otto's Pharmacy  New Orleans La.
$50.00       C5212-C1-9
LA-New Orleans        
P.L. Cusacks Ltd. Canal & Baronne
Sts. New Orleans LA {small}   
$150.00   C10051-SO-42
New Orleans
Purity Pharmacy Nashville Ave. and
Laurel Prescriptions A Speciality
Phones Uptown 9127-1656 {etched}
{T1}  Traded Off
New Orleans
Waterbury's New York Des Moines
Toronto New Orleans Cod Liver Oil
Comp {small} nothing
New Orleans        
Williams Pharmacy {mortar & pestle
& monogram} Open All Night Canal
& Bourbon Sts. {small} W.T.Co. AM
$150.00    C99261SSO-27
I ship priority  $15.00
for any number bought.