Kurfiss Rexall Pharmacy Phone 429-3192 Groveland Fla. {ACL} {T9} Trade Available
Burdine's Drug Store Inc. Tallahasee Fla. {ACL} {T9}
St. Petersburg
Your Prescription Is Filled Right-Why Not Take It Right The McKinnon Drug Co. St. Petersburg Fla. {etched} {T1}
Key West   
Tyler & Fogarty {cross in circle} Key West  Fla.  {small}  Traded Off
Marquis & Maddox Druggists Pensacola Fla. {small} Traded Off
Hale Only The Best Tampa FL {small} Traded Off
St. Cloud          
Seminole Pharmacy The Rexall Store Phone 11 St. Cloud FL. {etched} {T1-2t-8t-2} Traded Off
Daytona Beach
Bogart Pharmacy The Beach’s Pioneer Druggist 720 Main Phone 14 {white etched} {2t-8t-var2}
West Hollywood
For your protection only the finest drugs Jackson's Rexall Drugs 10th anniversary Zone -840 {etched} 3 1/2"
J.K Attwood Pharmacist 1024 Park Street At Five Points Jacksonville Fla. Telephones 7-2133 7-2135 Quality Accuracy
Service Free Motor Delivery {etched} {T1}
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=====================Above: I try to collect one of each type for this state=====================
B.C. Abernethy Orlando  Fla   {conical}
Right-Why Not Take It Right Coggins Drug Store Phone 8 Your Prescription Is Filled Right-Why Not Take It Right Coggins
Drug Store Phone 8 Madison Florida {Etched} {T1}
Crescent Drug Store Leesburg, Fla. {etched} {T3}
Fort Lauderdale
Beck's Drug Store Accuracy For Your Prescriptions Fort Lauderdale Fla {etched} {HA}
Deltona Rexall Phone 668-448- Deltona Fla. {black ACL} {T9} Trade Available
South Paramore Pharmacy Phone Cor. Paramore & South Orlando Fla {red ACL} {T9} L9-9C5201
Key West
Gardner's Pharmacy Fine Prescription Service Phon 177 Key West {etched} {T1}
Nilo's Pharmacy Rexall Pharmacy Serving You For Over 16 Years 1377 78th St. South Phone 626-8175 Tampa Fla {blue ACL}
B & W Rexall Prescription Centers 801 W. Main 787-3333 100 E. Dixie 787-3801 {ACL}{T9} Trade Available
#1 Small
1 7/8"
#2 Large
2 1/4"
#3 Spoon
#4 Conical
#5 Etched T1
2t-8t 2 1/4"
#6 Etched T3
4t-1w 2 5/8
#7 Etched T4
HA 4t-1w
#8 ACL T9
Lewis Rexall Drugs Lakeland Hills Blvd. At Crawford Phone MU 6-2101 Lakeland {black ACL} {T9}