Smith Bros. Druggists Fresno Cal {small} nothing Trade Available
San Francisco                    
T.O.D.CO. 1 Wing Owl
San Francisco                   
T.O.D.CO.2 Wing Owl {small} W.T.Co. AL U.S.A
San Marcos                       
MacDonald Rexall Pharmacy phone 729-2308 San Marcos Pharmacy 744-5959 {large} {ACL red} {T9}
San Francisco                    
Lengfeld's Pharmacy Ceary & Stockton SF {small}  C
Palos Verdes                        
Skinner's Pharmacy Prescriptions 936-4244
San Francisco  
A.H. Smith & Co. {monogramed} Polk & Bush Sts. {small} W.T.  Co. AA U.S.A.  Traded Off
Los Angeles     
Henry J. Martin Prescriptions Los Angeles {small} W.T. Co. AN U.S.A. Trade Available
Los Angeles
C.F. Heinzeman Druggist 222 N. Main St. Los Angeles {small} W.T. & Co. AH U.S.A. Trade Available
San Francisco
Lengfeld's 202 Stockton St. S.F. Pharmacy {small} C Trade Available
San Francisco
Shumate's Prescription Pharmacy San Francisco {small} C          
Embossed around top of glass: " PADRES horizontal ribbing on front: " VINO / " VAI BROS " Glass  1 3/4" small C1361 CNC
A Guasti Product {HA}
Uncle Sam's Herbs
San Francisco
Boyson's 21st. & Valencia Pharmacy {small}  Traded Off
F.Binder's 1362 Park Strt. Alameda Pharmacy {small}  Traded Off
McLaughlin Of Auburn {small}
East Auburn       
Gibson of East Auburn {small} Traded Off
San Joaquin Drug Co. Fresno Cal. C10332
Traded Off
Grass Valley      
W.Loutzenheiser & Son Apothecaries Grass Valley Cal. {small} Traded Off
Pond The Druggist Hollister Cal. {small} Traded Off
Long Beach              
Oakford Of Long Beach {small} Traded Off
Los Angeles  
Waters Drug Store 5th & Wall {small}
K.E. Watson & Co. Druggists Orange CAL. {small} Traded Off
Sangster's Pharmacy Oroville Cal.  {conical}  Traded Off
Palo Alto       
Compliments Of Hall's Pharmacy Palo Alto  Traded Off
Compliments Of Pico Drug Co. We Are In Business For Your Health Compliments Of Pico Drug Co. We PIco Calif. {etched}
Traded Off
Powell's Prescription Pharmacy Redding Cal. {small}  Traded Off
San Francisco       
Val. Schmidt Chemist San Francisco {small}  Traded Off
San Francisco        
Lengfeld's 803 Sutter Street S.F. Pharmacy {small} nothing
San Francisco         
Shumate's 7 Stores {small}  Traded Off
San Francisco      
Wakelee & Co. Druggists San Francisco {large}  Traded Off
San Jose           
L. Callisch Druggist 93 S. First St.  {small}  Traded Off
Clayes No Percentage Drug Stores Stockton Cal {large}  Traded Off
Test The Druggist {small}  Traded Off
Red Bluff           
Chas. H. Darrough Pharmacist Bluff Cal. {small}  Traded Off
San Francisco   
Fletcher & Co. Druggists 1028 Market St. SF {small} W.T. & Co. AI U.S.A. Traded Off
San Francisco  
Abraham's Pharmacy 1198 McAllister Street Cor. Fillmore San Francisco Calif. Telephone Park 241-242-243  {red ACL} {T5}
El Segundo
1910-1960 13" Tall
San Francisco   
Golden Rule Pharmacy 1799 McAllister St. San Francisco Cal  Traded Off
Los Angeles   
Nina Edmiston Jefferson & Vermont Telephone Blue 4701 {orange etched} {T3}
Santa Rosa
Golden Eagle Drug Store Santa Rosa {large}  Traded Off
J.B. Scott's  Pharmacy Salinas CA {small}  Traded Off
San Francisco
Gay Drug Co. 54 Third St. San Francisco {orange etched} {T3}  Frank H. Gay 1902, Gay Drug Co. 1911, Gay's Drug Store 1916
J.D. Sibrell Druggist Riverside CAl. {small}  C  Traded Off
Ghio & Co's Drug Store 5th & Forrest Ave {small}
Los Angeles
H.M. Sale & Son Druggists Los Angeles {small}
San Francisco
Keck's Prescription Pharmacy's 454 Post St. Phone Kearney 7456 San Francisco {white etched} {T1)
Marvins Drug Store Prescription Experts Oxnard Calif. {white etched} {T1}
Garden Grove  
Get It At Darling”s Pharmacy Garden Grove California  {etched}  {T1} Trade Available
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=====================Above: I try to collect one of each type for this state=====================
San Francisco
P. Stein Mission Drug Store {spoon}
San Francisco
The Eagle Pharmacy San Francisco  {conical}
San FRancisco
Neon Drugs Prescription Experts 2901 Van Ness Cor. Chestnut Phone Ordway 5656 {etched} {T1}
The American Pharmacy- R.L. Reid And H.L. Reid-Prescription Specialists- Store No. 1 Telegraph At Dwight- Phone: Berkeley 95-Store No. 2 Shattuck At
Bancroft-Phone: Berkeley 7725  {Hazel Atlas}
The Medicine Dropper Stan's Drug 746-2426 {night} 745-4897 {ACL} {T9}
Stanford's Palo Alto
Chas. E. Weck {Oranges At Center}The Prescription Druggist. {large} C
Los Angelas
Sontag Drug Stores RX Specialists Quality Price Service. {metal Dose Indicator Spoon}
Presented By Henry D. Meyer.  Traded Off
Caltech Pharmacy Prescriptions 882 E. california Pasadena Calif. Sycamore 2-2101 {etched}   (T1}          
The Yosemite "Turlock 1913  Yosemite Drug Store" New Era Druggist Dir. 1916: Turlock, CA Yosemite Drug Co.
San Francisco
Remember Dr. Currier's When In Need Of Medicine {etched} T3} Traded Off
San Francisco        
Laura Goodman Druggist Post & Buchanan .  {small} W.T. & Co. AL U.S.A.     
#1 Small
1 7/8"
#2 Large
2 1/4"
#3 Spoon
#4 Conical
#5 Etched T1
2t-8t 2 1/4"
#6 Etched T3
4t-1w 2 5/8
#7 Etched T4
HA 4t-1w
#8 ACL T9
Colonial Pharmacy 1326 S. Baldwin West Arcadia 447-3591 {black ACL} {T9}  
Pleasant Hill        
Rexall Drugs Prescription Delivery Contra Costa Hwy. Pleasant Hill Calif 685-5133 {blue ACL} {T9}
Los Angeles        
Augustus Lang 12 th & Maple Los Angeles Druggist. {small} Traded Off       
Presented By Redding Drug And Book Store Redding Cal. {small} C Traded Off
Kibler's Reliable Drug Store Visalia Cal. {small} Traded Off
Thos. Neville The Rexall Store Monrovia {Small}  W'T. Co. AN U.S.A.   
Afflerbaugh & Eninger Pomona {small}   W.T. Co. AN U.S.A.
San Francisco
Keck's Prescription Pharmacy {Red Etched}
CA-San Francisco        
D.H. Wulzen Druggist 17th & Castro Sts. San Francisco {small}  Traded Off
Smith Bros. Trade S.B. Mark Catarrah Cure {small}    
From Fouch's  {small}
Los Angeles        
Axminster Pharmacy AX 4-71253 {black ACL} {T9} C999L12-11
San Marino        
The Huntington Pharmacy San Marino AT 7-9921 CU 2-4038 {red ACL} {T9}   
San Jose
Wagener’s Drug Store Prescriptions a Specialty 75 N. First Street San Jose Cal. {etched}
Santa Cruz        
Hamilton Fay Pharmacist Santa Cruz Cal {small}  
Hermosa Beach
Coast Drug Co. Frontier 2-6644 Hermosa Beach Calif {ACL} {T9}
Lomita Rexall Drug Corner Narbonne  & Lomita 326-1485 {ACL Green} {T9}       
San Marino
San Marino Pharmacy 2575 Mission St San Marino Calif 799-7199 MU-2-124 {ACL black} {T9}  
CA-Paso Robles        
W.C. Bennett Prescription Druggist Paso Robles {small}