Smith Bros. Druggists Fresno Cal {small} nothing Trade Available
San Francisco                    
T.O.D.CO. 1 Wing Owl  {small} Trade Available
San Francisco                   
T.O.D.CO.2 Wing Owl {small} Trade Available
San Marcos                       
MacDonald Rexall Pharmacy phone 729-2308 San Marcos Pharmacy 744-5959 {large} {ACL red} {T9}
San Francisco                    
Lengfeld's Pharmacy Ceary & Stockton SF {small}  C  Trade Available
Palos Verdes                        
Skinner's Pharmacy Prescriptions 936-4244
San Francisco  
A.H. Smith & Co. {monogramed} Polk & Bush Sts. {small} W.T.  Co. AA U.S.A.  
Los Angeles     
Henry J. Martin Prescriptions Los Angeles {small} W.T. Co. AN U.S.A. Trade Available
Los Angeles
C.F. Heinzeman Druggist 222 N. Main St. Los Angeles {small} W.T. & Co. AH U.S.A. Trade Available
San Francisco
Lengfeld's 202 Stockton St. S.F. Pharmacy {small} C Trade Available
San Francisco
Shumate's Prescription Pharmacy San Francisco {small} C Trade Available    
Embossed around top of glass: " PADRES horizontal ribbing on front: " VINO / " VAI BROS " Glass  1 3/4" small C1361 CNC
A Guasti Product {HA}
Uncle Sam's Herbs
San Francisco
Boyson's 21st. & Valencia Pharmacy {small}
F.Binder's 1362 Park Strt. Alameda Pharmacy {small}  
McLaughlin Of Auburn {small}
East Auburn       
Gibson of East Auburn {small} Traded Off
San Joaquin Drug Co. Fresno Cal.  Traded Off
Grass Valley      
W.Loutzenheiser & Son Apothecaries Grass Valley Cal. {small}
Pond The Druggist Hollister Cal. {small}
Long Beach              
Oakford Of Long Beach {small}
Los Angeles  
Waters Drug Store 5th & Wall {small}
K.E. Watson & Co. Druggists Orange CAL. {small} Traded Off
Sangster's Pharmacy Oroville Cal.  {conical}
 Traded Off
Palo Alto       
Compliments Of Hall's Pharmacy Palo Alto
Compliments Of Pico Drug Co. We Are In Business For Your Health Compliments Of Pico Drug Co. We PIco Calif. {etched}
C578  Traded Off
Powell's Prescription Pharmacy Redding Cal. {small}  Traded Off
San Francisco       
Val. Schmidt Chemist San Francisco {small}  Traded Off
San Francisco        
Lengfeld's 803 Sutter Street S.F. Pharmacy {small} nothing  Trade Available
San Francisco         
Shumate's 7 Stores {small}
San Francisco      
Wakelee & Co. Druggists San Francisco {large}
San Jose           
L. Callisch Druggist 93 S. First St.  {small}
Clayes No Percentage Drug Stores Stockton Cal {large}
Test The Druggist {small}
Red Bluff           
Chas. H. Darrough Pharmacist Bluff Cal. {small}
San Francisco   
Fletcher & Co. Druggists 1028 Market St. SF {small} W.T. & Co. AI U.S.A. Traded Off
San Francisco  Trade Available
Abraham's Pharmacy 1198 McAllister Street Cor. Fillmore San Francisco Calif. Telephone Park 241-242-243
 {red ACL} {T5}
El Segundo
Pharmacy Show Globe L.R. Converse1910-1960 13" Tall
San Francisco   
Golden Rule Pharmacy 1799 McAllister St. San Francisco Cal  {large}
Los Angeles   
Nina Edmiston Jefferson & Vermont Telephone Blue 4701 {orange etched} {T3}
Santa Rosa
Golden Eagle Drug Store Santa Rosa {large}
J.B. Scott's  Pharmacy Salinas CA {small}
 Trade Available
San Francisco
Gay Drug Co. 54 Third St. San Francisco {orange etched} {T3}
 Frank H. Gay 1902, Gay Drug Co. 1911, Gay's Drug Store 1916
J.D. Sibrell Druggist Riverside CAl. {small}  C
Ghio & Co's Drug Store 5th & Forrest Ave {small}
Los Angeles
H.M. Sale & Son Druggists Los Angeles {small}Trade Available
San Francisco
Keck's Prescription Pharmacy's 454 Post St. Phone Kearney 7456 San Francisco {white etched} {T1)
Marvins Drug Store Prescription Experts Oxnard Calif. {white etched} {T1}
Garden Grove  
Get It At Darling”s Pharmacy Garden Grove California  {etched}  {T1} Trade Available
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=====================Above: I try to collect one of each type for this state=====================
San Francisco
P. Stein Mission Drug Store {spoon}
San Francisco
The Eagle Pharmacy San Francisco  {conical}
San FRancisco
Neon Drugs Prescription Experts 2901 Van Ness Cor. Chestnut Phone Ordway 5656 {etched} {T1}
The American Pharmacy- R.L. Reid And H.L. Reid-Prescription Specialists- Store No. 1 Telegraph At Dwight- Phone: Berkeley 95-Store No. 2 Shattuck At
Bancroft-Phone: Berkeley 7725  {Hazel Atlas}
The Medicine Dropper Stan's Drug 746-2426 {night} 745-4897 {ACL} {T9}
Stanford's Palo Alto
Chas. E. Weck {Oranges At Center}The Prescription Druggist. {large} C   Trade Available
Los Angelas
Sontag Drug Stores RX Specialists Quality Price Service. {metal Dose Indicator Spoon}
Presented By Henry D. Meyer.  
Caltech Pharmacy Prescriptions 882 E. california Pasadena Calif. Sycamore 2-2101 {etched}   (T1}          
The Yosemite Trade Available
San Francisco
Remember Dr. Currier's When In Need Of Medicine {etched} T3}
San Francisco        
Laura Goodman Druggist Post & Buchanan .  {small} Trade Available
#1 Small
1 7/8"
#2 Large
2 1/4"
#3 Spoon
#4 Conical
#5 Etched T1
2t-8t 2 1/4"
#6 Etched T3
4t-1w 2 5/8
#7 Etched T4
HA 4t-1w
#8 ACL T9
Colonial Pharmacy 1326 S. Baldwin West Arcadia 447-3591 {black ACL} {T9}  
Pleasant Hill        
Rexall Drugs Prescription Delivery Contra Costa Hwy. Pleasant Hill Calif 685-5133 {blue ACL} {T9}
Los Angeles        
Augustus Lang 12 th & Maple Los Angeles Druggist. {small}
    Trade Available
Presented By Redding Drug And Book Store Redding Cal. {small} C
Kibler's Reliable Drug Store Visalia Cal. {small}
Thos. Neville The Rexall Store Monrovia {Small}  W'T. Co. AN U.S.A.   
Afflerbaugh & Eninger Pomona {small}   W.T. Co. AN U.S.A.
San Francisco
Keck's Prescription Pharmacy {Red Etched}
San Francisco
D.H. Wulzen Druggist 17th & Castro Sts. San Francisco {small}  Traded Off
Smith Bros. Trade S.B. Mark Catarrah Cure {small}    
From Fouch's  {small}
Los Angeles        
Axminster Pharmacy AX 4-71253 {black ACL} {T9} C999L12-11
San Marino        
The Huntington Pharmacy San Marino AT 7-9921 CU 2-4038 {red ACL} {T9}   
San Jose
Wagener’s Drug Store Prescriptions a Specialty 75 N. First Street San Jose Cal. {etched}
Santa Cruz        
Hamilton Fay Pharmacist Santa Cruz Cal {small}  
Hermosa Beach
Coast Drug Co. Frontier 2-6644 Hermosa Beach Calif {ACL} {T9}
Lomita Rexall Drug Corner Narbonne  & Lomita 326-1485 {ACL Green} {T9}       
San Marino
San Marino Pharmacy 2575 Mission St San Marino Calif 799-7199 MU-2-124 {ACL black} {T9}  
CA-Paso Robles        
W.C. Bennett Prescription Druggist Paso Robles {small}        
From Hughes The Druggist Bakersfield {small}
Mixter The Druggist Exeter Cal {small}  
Weaver & Wentz Prescription Druggists Gilroy Cal.  {small}  
Los Angeles       
Littleboy's Pharmacy Los Angeles Cal. {small}  
Los Angeles        
Wolf & Chilson 2nd & Broadway Los Angeles {small}
J.A. Woodward Druggist Marysville {small}   
Made For The Ing & Allec Co. Druggists 719 K Street Sacramento Cal.  {white etched} {2t-8t}   
Willis &  Martin Co. Pharmacists 212J St. And Cor.10 & K Sacramento {small}  
San Francisco        
E.B. Jorgensen Pharmacy 644 Kearny St.    {small}    
San Francisco        
From Shaw's Pharmacy    {small}   
San Francisco        
G.G. Burnett B Apothecary San Francisco {small} Trade Available
San Francisco        
J.A. Boyken Druggist San Francisco {small}
San Francisco        
J.J. McDonnell Apothecary San Francisco {small}
San Francisco        
Pencovic Harris Co. Druggists 10 & 12 Taylor St. {small}
San Francisco        
Pencovic Harris Co. Druggists 10 & 12 Taylor St. {small}
San Jose        
S.H. Wagener 89 N. First St. San Jose Cal. {small}    
Santa Ana        
White Cross Drug Co. Santa Ana  {small]      
CA-Santa Rosa        
J.W. Warboys Druggist Santa Rosa {large}
Patterson's Prescription Pharmacy Stockton     {small}  
Sutherland Pharmacy F.A. Butter Proprietor Morton Station Alameda Calif. Phone Alameda 0336 {etched} {T1}
San Francisco
C.C. Schaffle {Monogram} Druggist {small}
San Francisco                    
Lengfeld's Pharmacy San FRancisco {small}  C  Trade Available
Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary Rose Professional Pharmacy Covina California ED 1-6328 {ACL red} {T9}
Del Amo Pharmacy Free Prescription Delivery Frontier 1-12 {ACL black} {T9}
From Ryan's Drug Store Tulare. {small} C10001-S14-86