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=====================Above: I try to collect one of each type for this state=====================
#1 Small
1 7/8"
#2 Large
2 1/4"
#3 Spoon
#4 Conical
#5 Etched T1
2t-8t 2 1/4"
#6 Etched T3
4t-1w 2 5/8
#7 Etched T4
HA 4t-1w
#8 ACL T9
Phillips Drugs The Rexall Store
Phone CH 6 5818 Arkadelphia Ark.
{blue ACL] {T9}  
C1004L5-22     $40.00
We're in business for your health
Douglass Drug Co. Brinkley Ark .
{etched} {T3}
C1481E1-96    $25.00
Hunt Kole & Hunt Druggists
Clarksville Ark. {small} W.T. Co.AL
U.S.A.  Traded Off
Fort Smith & Warren     
Gannaway Bros. Kwick-Kure For
Traded Off
Ft. Smith               
J.M. Sparks Druggist Ft. Smith Ark
{small} W.T. & Co.Z U.S.A.
C10001-S11-10    $100.00
Heber Springs
Bob Dashiell Druggist Heber
Springs Ark {small} W.T. Co.AL
C59251S11-24    $150.00
Hot Springs         
Bancroft Weber & Co. Druggists
Hot Springs Ark. {large}
C10001-S11-13  $100.00
Hot Springs        
Arlington Pharmacy Hot Springs
Eisele & Hunt Drugs Co.
Hot Springs               
Compliments Of Avenue Drug
Store Hot Springs {large} Traded
Hot Springs       
Compliments Of Klein's Pharmacy  
{large} C
C1522L11-13    $100.00
Hot Springs
Compliments Of  Klein's Pharmacy  
218  Central Ave  Hot Springs Ark.
{large} C
Hot Springs                       
E. C. Hart Druggist 610 Central
Avenue {large} C  
Hot Springs        
Eisele & Hunt Drugs Co. Arlington
Pharmacy 810 Central Ave. Opp
Arlington Hotel Hot Springs.
Hot Springs
Eisele & Hunt {pic mortar & pestle}
Hot Springs Ark. {small}
$150.00  Sold
Hot Springs
F. J. Mobbs & Co. Druggist 522
Central Ave. Hot Springs Ark
{large} C
C6217L3-5   $75.00
Hot Springs
Henry Weimer Hot Springs Ark.
C1618C1-4    $50.00
Hot Springs                
Jackson's Pharmacy 218 Central
Ave. {small} nothing
C5978S10-11   $90.00
Hot Springs                
Jackson's Pharmacy 344 Central
Ave. {small} nothing
C5978S1-53    $90.00
Hot Springs      
J.W. Angle Druggist Hot Springs      
{large} C
C1605L1-17   $35.00
Hot Springs
Kleins Pharmacy  Co. 218 Central.
{small} W.T. & Co. AK U.S.A.
C1522L11-13   $50.00
Hot Springs         
Majestic Pharmacy Hot Springs Ark
{small} W.T. Co. AN U.S.A.
Traded Off
Hot Springs        
R.G. Morris Drug Co. 802 Central
Ave. Hot Springs Ark. {large}  
C10521-L13-48   $75.00
Hot Springs
Schneck's Drug Store Hot Springs
Ark {small} W.T. CO. AM U.S.A.
Hot Springs        
Schneck Drug Co. Ben Here Always
626 Central Ave. Cor. Prospect Hot
Springs Ark {etched} {T3}
C5954 E5-18   $50.00
Hot Springs
Smiley's Pharmacy Hot Springs Ark
{small} W.T. Co. AL U.S.A.
C1055S1-88     $60.00
Hot Springs
St. Louis Drug Co. Hot Springs Ark.
{small} W.T. Co. AL U.S.A.
C15031-SO-94   $130.00
Hot Springs        
Sorrell's Drug Co. Hot Springs Ark.
C10121-L13-35   $125.00
Little Rock           
Compliments Of A.C. Read Druggist
Little Rock {small} W.T. Co. AM
C10601S6-20    $100.00
Little Rock
Snodgrass And Brady Drug Co. 120
{small} W.T. & Co. AK U.S.A.  
C10001-S11-14    $100.00
Little Rock                             
West End Pharmacy 1003 W.
Markham Little Rock {small} C
Miller's Drug Store. {small}
$100.00        C5282-S7-70
Rector Drug Store Nashville Ark
C5964C1-94     $50.00
Compliments Of Eagle Drug Co.
Paris Arkansas {white etched} {HA}
C1003Ha2-12    $30.00
Pine Bluff
D. I. Mills & Co. Druggists Pine
Bluff Ark. {small} W.T. & Co. T U.S.A.
C9073S4-48     $50.00
small lip chip
Pine Bluff
L.B. Coon Druggist Pine Bluff Ark .
{small}  W.T.Co. AN U.S.A.    
Nevada County Drug Store Free
Delivery. {spoon}
C1572SP29   $75.00
4  100-75-50-37.5
I ship priority  $15.00 for any number bought.
If you purchase at the same time I will give these discounts off the total bill.
5 items5%
10 Items 10% 15 items 15%  20 Items $20%