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=====================Above: I try to collect one of each type for this state=====================
#1 Small
1 7/8"
#2 Large
2 1/4"
#3 Spoon
#4 Conical
#5 Etched T1
2t-8t 2 1/4"
#6 Etched T3
4t-1w 2 5/8
#7 Etched T4
HA 4t-1w
#8 ACL T9
Alaska, Iditarod-Z.J. Loussac
Iditarod,  Alaska
City Drug Store
Z.J. Loussac
Western Alaska on Iditerod River & 9 miles NNW of Flat: placer gold mining; scene of [1908] gold rush.
The Iditerod meaning "a distant place"
{Gerkin Collection}
A district from Oct. 18, 1867, until it became an organized territory Aug. 24, 1912.
Became A State Jan. 3, 1959
Mr. Zachary Loussac was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1882. He studied pharmacy at the New York College of Pharmacy, and in 1907 moved to Alaska, he was a
pharmacist in Iditarod, Juneau, and Anchorage, Alaska
R.L. Polk & Co.'s District of Alaska Gazetteer and Business Directory 1901-1902
Red indicates A known dose cup.
Douglas        Smith, Elmer E. Drugs {not in the Directory but an advertisement circa: 1910}
Douglas        Elliot, H.R. Drugs
Douglas        Gudringer, A. Phys.
Douglas        Lapsley, Norman Phys.
Douglas        Douglas, A. Phys.
Dyea        Heubner, Julius Phys.
Fort Wrangel        Stanton, O.W. Phys. & Druggist
Fort Wrangel        Styner, John Phys.
Fort Wrangel        Beach, Charles A. Phys.
Iditerod        Loussac, Z.J. City Drug Store {not in the Directory}
Juneau        Ball, Robert L. Drugs
Juneau        Davis, J.M. Drugs
Juneau        Irwin, Lillian C. Phys.
Juneau        J.W. Doran Juneau Alaska {conical} {not in the Directory}
Juneau        Leonhardt, Samuel C. Phys.
Juneau        Lovett, Arthur S. Assayer & Phys.
Juneau        McFarland , Varde Drugs
Juneau        Rogers, Charles D. Phys.
Juneau        Simpson, James K. Phys.
Ketchikan        Dickinson, G.E. Phys.
Ketchikan        Hopkins, M.N. Phys.
Ketchikan        Ketchikan Drug Co.
Ketchikan        Story, Henry C. Phys.
Ketchikan        Story & Dickinson Drugs
Kodiak        Ball, Arthur W. Phys.
Metlakahtla        Pike, Ernest R. Phys.
Nome        Chambers, J.J. Phys.
Nome        Chace, W.D'Arcy Phys.
Nome        Coombs, D.H. Drugs
Nome        Cribbs, W.M. Drugs
Nome        Cribbs & Rogers Drugs
Nome        Debert, Arthur J. Drugs
Nome        Dunham, A.H. Drugs
Nome        Hoeppner, Albert Drugs
Nome        Dyer, E.A. Phys.
Nome        Emerton, George P. Drugs
Nome        Kelly & Co. Drugs
Nome        Knott, B.F. Drugs
Nome        Renninger, E.M. Phys.
Nome        Snyder, C. Allen Phys.
Nome        Robertson, E.J. Drugs
Nome        Pieronnett, F.M. Phys.
Nome        Moeszinger, P. Drugs
Nome        Taylor & Butler Drugs
Nome        Verge, George A. Drugs
Nome        Wesley, J.L. Drugs
Rampart        Hudgins, D. Drugs
Sitka        DE Groff, Edward Drugs
Sitka        Fitts, Hnry B. Phys.
Sitka        Wilbur, Bertrand K. Phys.
Skagway        Bailey, Edward Surgeon U.S. Army
Skagway        Baughman, John A. Phys. & Assayer
Skagway        Gibbons, Clifford H. Phys.
Skagway        Moore, Isaac H. Surgeon for W.P. & Y. R.R.
Skagway        Hall, Mahlon Phys.
Skagway        Dare, Y.T.C. Phys.
Skagway        Britt, Wm. Drugs
Skagway        Kelley & Co. Drugs
Skagway        Swadling, J. Harris Drugs
Skagway        Runnalls, Harry B. Phys.
Skagway        Ransom, Wm. C. Phys.
Skagway        Brawand, James P. Phys.
St. Michael        Copie, T.H. Phys.
Unga        Lyall, Robert Phys.
Valdez        Crary, C.N. Drugs
Valdez        Pearson, H.B. Phys.
Valdez        Riley, L.K. Phys.
Graduates at the California College Of Pharmacy.
1882        Hall-Robert Leicester                Juneau        Alaska        
1884        Leohr-George William                        Alaska        
1893        McKenny-William Belknap                        Alaska        
1896        Jackson-William John                Nome        Alaska        M. D.
1902        Moltzen-Walter Frederick Anderson                Fairbanks        Alaska        
Alaska 1916
The Era Druggists Directory Of The
United States,  Canada, Cuba, Porto Rico, Manila and
Hawaiian Islands
18th Edition 1916
Welch, F.F.
Morey, A.G.
Cordova 1,152
Cordova Drug Co.,
{E.V. Boyle, Prop.}
Northern Drug Co.
Douglas 1,722
Smith, E.E.
Fairbanks 7,675
McIntosh & Kubon
Red Cross Drug Store,
{Dunham & Clarke, Props.}
Haines 445
Sheldon, Stephen
Juneau 1,644
Britt, W.E.
Butler, Maure & Co., Inc.
Loussac, Z.J.
Winn, Milton
Ketchikan 1,613
Ketchikan Drug Co.
Ryus Drug Co.
McCarthy 50
Priesner, Gustave
Nome 2,500
Butler, Maure & Co., Inc.
McDougal, J.G.
Petersburg 585
Pryer, L.
Seward 600
Vaughan & Son, H.J.
Skagway 872
Britt, William E.
Valdez  810
Boyle, F.M.
Valdez Drug Co., Inc.
Wrangell 743
Wheeler, J.H. & T.
J.W. Doran
Juneau Alaska {conical}
City Drug Store  Z.J. Loussac Prop  Iditirod Alaska  {small}
J.W. Doran Juneau Alaska  {conical}
William Britt Ph. Prescription Druggist Juneau & Skagway
Alaska {etched} {T3}
William Britt Ph. Prescription Druggist
Juneau & Skagway Alaska {etched} {T3}
I need a glass from this state for my 50 states collection.