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Brewery Related
California, El Segundo Pharmacy Show Globe L.R. Converse 1910-1960 13" TallC5798    $90.00
IL-Peoria: The Leisy Brewing Co. (green) pitcher   C15221 marked on bottom "Haynes Balto"  $125.00
IL-Peoria: mug {green} marked on bottom  "Haynes Balto"       C1548  5 1/4"  $85.00
IL-Peoria Tan colored The Leisy Brewing Co. pitcher 13 1/4"  Mug 5 " {Egypt Theme} set marked on bottom C10591
[ the factory burned down in 1917]      
Columbus, Texas  Weller & Bufford  Druggists  C1693  $45.00
Mexico: Tepozoyuca Hacienda F.P. Tagle Historical Albumen Pictures $1,500.00
Mini Whiskey Jug: Old Continental Newlson County Sour Mash B Bro's $50.00
Mini Whiskey Jug: Compliment Of G.H. Purnell 10 Years Old "Hilv Grove"  C1087   $50.00
Mini Whiskey Jug: Old Kentucky Home Club O.P.S {Schaefer & Vater}  C9445    $100.00
Leather Coin Purse  Compliments of F.L.A. Wilson Drugs 460 Jefferson St. Portland, Ore. Phones Main 6421  A 3421C9912 $50.00
OR-Portland-U-R-Das Luxury Makes-A perfect Complextion "Folding writing pad." Measures 3 1/2 X 2.0 C45602
WA-Seattle-The Quaker Drug Co. "Pottery Creamer Pitcher" 2 1/8"tall C1652  35.00
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Nostrums Cures and Remedies
I would like to still collect these.
T9 ACL Glasses
Metal Dose Indicator Spoons