P.O. Drug Store P.E. Ellis Prop.
Stites, Idaho
{etched} {T3}
Traded Off
The Era druggists' directory, Volume 12
STITES, Idaho Cty., ?
Alcorn TR.J. & C.E.
Post Office Drug Store
{P.E. Ellis Prop.}
Ellis, P.E.
STITES, Idaho Cty., 300
Ellis, P.E.
STITES, Idaho Cty., 300
Ellis, P.E.
STITES, Idaho Cty., 300
Ellis, P.E.
STITES, Idaho Cty., ?
Ellis, P.E.
Percy E. Ellis. Numbered among the popular and representative business men of Idaho county is Mr. Ellis, who conducts a well
equipped drug store in the village of Stites and who is also postmaster of this thriving town. He is also owner of the local telephone
system, which is operated under the title of the Stites Telephone Company, and he has proved one of the liberal and progressive
citizens of the county of his adoption.

Mr. Ellis claims the "right little, tight little isle" as the place of his nativity. He was born in London, England, on the 19th of November,
1868, and is a son of F. W. and Mary D. Ellis, who are both now residents in London, England. After duly availing himself of the
advantages of the public schools of his native land, Mr. Ellis there served an apprenticeship to the carpenter's trade, to which he
thereafter devoted his attention until his immigration to America, when about seventeen years of age. He first located in the
province of Manitoba, Canada, where he followed the work of his trade, as a contractor and builder, until 1891, when he came to the
west and established his home in the city of Spokane, Washington, where he continued in the same line of enterprise about two
years. He then removed to Palouse, that state, where he was engaged with the Palouse Lumber Company about three years, at the
expiration of which he was appointed assistant postmaster of the town, a position of which he continued the incumbent until 1890,
when he came to the Coeur d'Alene district of Idaho and established his residence at Wardner. There he was an assistant in the
postoffice about one year, and for the ensuing two years he there conducted a confectionery store. In 1902 he disposed of his
interests at Wardner and removed to Stites, where he conducted a confectionery store until
1905, when he purchased his present
drug business
, which he has since conducted most successfully, the establishment being well equipped in all departments and
catering to an appreciative patronage. He has served as postmaster at Stites since 1903 and has given a most acceptable
administration. He was also a member of the first village council of Stites and has been most zealous in supporting measures and
enterprises that have conserved the civic and material advancement of the town. He is a stanch supporter of the cause of the
Republican party, is a zealous and valued member of the Stites Commercial Club, and, as previously stated, is the owner of the local
telephone system. He and his wife attend and support the local Methodist Episcopal church, and he is affiliated with the Knights of
the Modern Maccabees, in which he has passed the various official chairs; the Knights of Pythias, of which he is past chancellor
commander; and the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

At Palouse, Washington, on the 9th of August, 1893, Mr. Ellis wedded Miss Sarah E. Harris, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Harris, who
removed from

Kansas to Washington. Mrs. Ellis was a popular figure in the leading social activities of Stites. Her death occurred December 27,
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