New Rochelle
James L. Coutant Druggist
New Rochelle {small} W.T.&Co. M
James L. Coutant New Rochelle
The Pharmaceutical era, Volume 39 1908

FC Bone & WH Carter the two New Rochelle drug clerks who received a fortune through
their employer's will as told in last week's Era are both natives of Canada and
graduates of the Toronto College of Pharmacy . Mr Bone served his apprenticeship at
St Catherine's and Mr. Carter at Thorold both in the Province of Ontario According to the
provisions of the will they will eventually share between them about $150,000 Both the
clerks share equally the drug business valued at $60,000 but in consideration of his
longer term of service Mr. Bone will receive the house in which the store is located
valued now at $80,000 after the death of Mr. Coutant's sister Sarah J. Coutant,  Mr.
Coutant had been in the drug business on Main street in New Rochelle for fifty five
years and was eighty four years old at the time of his death.