Great lives from history
Frank Northen Magill - 1987 - 530 pages -
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During childhood, Pauling and his two
younger sisters led a peripatetic existence
as their
father, a traveling drug salesman,
tried to find a position that suited him. The
family eventually settled in Condon, Oregon
The scientific 100: a ranking of the most
influential scientists, ... - Page 83
John G. Simmons - 2000 - 504 pages -
... soon after he had written a letter to a
local newspaper asking how to encourage
his son's exceptional intellectual talents.
After her husbands death, Belle Pauling ran
a rooming house in the small, one-horse
town of Condon, Oregon. ...
Bowerman and the Men of Oregon: The
Story of Oregon's Legendary ... - Page 17
Kenny Moore - 2007 - 480 pages - Preview
In 1899, at twenty-three, he moved to
Condon, about twenty miles north of Fossil.
(The town had no connection with Thomas
Condon, but would be
the boyhood home of
double-Nobel Prize winner
Linus Pauling.)
Within five years, Jay was ...
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1906 The Era druggists' directory  Vol.#12
CONDON, Gilliam Cty., 230
Hunt & Hurlburt
Pauling, H.W.
Condon Drug Co.
Red Cross Drug Co.
1912 1,000
Graves & Van Slype
Red Cross Drug Co.
1916  1,009
Graves & Graves
Red Cross Drug Co., The
1921 1,009
Graves & Graves
Potter, S.G. {Red Cross}
Henry H.W. Pauling B:1876-D:1910, and Lucy (Darling) Pauling
He and Belle would have three children:  Linus Carl, born February 28, 1901; Pauline Darling, born August 7, 1902; and Frances Lucile,
born January 1, 1904.