#2 The Sport Americana Team Number Baseball Card Checklist        soft         1985
1000 Nudes         hard         1994
100th Anniversary Collection  The Klondike Gold Rush Photographs From 1896-1899        soft        1997
101 Nevada Columns        soft        2001
150 Years Of Baseball        hard        1989
1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue        soft         1971
1846  Portrait Of The Nation        hard         1996
1860 Census Wasco County Oregon1998        soft        1998
1921-22 Oregon-Washington        hard        
1970 Burke's Peerage-Baronetage & Knightage 105th EDition        hard        1970
1995 Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide        soft        1995
1998 Drug Handbook        hard         1998
200 Years A Biecentennial Illustrated Hiostory Of THe United States Boxed Set         hard        1976
300 Years Of Kitchen Collectibles        soft         1997
400 California Street A Century Plus Five-THe Story Of The Oldest Incorporated Commercial Bank In The West        hard        1969
50th Aniversary 1923-1973 Oregon's Great Train Holdup The DeAutremont Case No. 57893-D        soft        1973
75th Anniversary Military Goods Calaloge        soft        1940
A Basic Course In Genealogy        hard        1958
A Basic Course In Genealogy Vol #2         hard        1958
A Bibliography Of Pacific Northwest History        soft         1958
A Bit Of Mother LOde History        soft        1951
A Brief Historical Sketch of Port Townsend, Washington        soft 2        
A Brief History Of Navajo Silversmiths Navajo Silver         hard        1975
A Brief History Of Oregon City & West Linn Oregon        soft        
A California Legend The Newhall Land And Farming Company        hard        1992
A Catalog Of Nevada Checks 1860-1933  With Rarity And Price Guides        soft        1993
A Catalog of Wells Fargo & Co's Express & Various Expresses        soft        
A Century Of Model Trains        hard         1970
A Century of News and People in the East-Oregonian 1875-1975        hard         1975
A Clash Of Cultures        soft        1977
A Collectors Encyclopedia Of Depression Glass        hard        1994
A Collectors Guide To Movie Star Memorabilia        soft        1991
A Collectors Guide To Red Cross Pins        Folder        1993
A Color Book Of Dolls        hard         1974
A Colorado History        soft        1976
A Concise Encyclopedia Of THe Civil War        hard        1986
A Consumers Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients        soft        
A Consumers Guide To Nonprtescription Drugs What Do I Take        soft        1997
A Dictionary Of Michelangelos Watermarks        soft        1988
A Digest Of The Law Of Evidence In Civil And Criminal Cases        hard         1810 1st Edition
A Directory Of Antique Furniture        hard        1953
A Documentary Narrative Of Chief Joseph's Last Years        hard         1981
A Doubtfull River-The Truckee River        hard        2000
A Dynasty Of Western Outlaws        soft        1986
A Dynesty Of Western Outlaws        soft        1964
A Fateful Time The Background and Legislative History Of The Indian Reortganization Act        hard        2000
A Golden Highway        hard        1934
A Guide Book Of United States Coins 47th Edition 1994 Red Book        hard        1994
A Guide To Collecting Trade and Cigarette Cards        hard        1975
A Guide To The Collecting And Care Of Original Prints        hard        1970
A Guide To The Collecting And Care Of Original Prints        soft         1965
A Guide to U.S. Army Insignia        hard        
A Guide to U.S. Navy Insignia        hard        
A History Of Playing Cards        soft        
A History Of Shaving and Razors        soft        1987
A History of Southern Utah & It's National Parks        soft        1950
A History Of The American Constitution        hard        1990
A History Of The Comstock Silver Lode & Mines        hard 2        1973
A History Of THe Comstock Silver Lode & Mines        hard        1974
A History Of The Early Orders Of Knighthood And Chivalry        hard         1978
A History Of The Oregon Trail-Santa Fe Trail and  Other Trails        hard        1955
A Journal Of American Postal History January 1996        soft        1996
A Journal Of American Postal History January 2002        soft        2002
A Journal Of American Postal History July 2001        soft        2001
A Journal Of American Postal History March 2001        soft        2001
A Journal Of American Postal History March 2002        soft        2002
A Journal Of American Postal History May 1996        soft        1996
A Journal Of American Postal History May 2001        soft        2001
A Journal Of American Postal History May 2002        soft        2002
A Journal Of American Postal History November 2001        soft        2001
A Journal Of American Postal History September 2001        soft        2001
A Life Wild And Perilous        hard        1997 1st Edition
A Link To Our Pioneer Heratage        soft        1968
A Modest History The Pin-Up by Mark Gabor        hard        MCMLXXII
A Pictorial History Of The American Theatre 100 Years 1860-1960        hard        1960
A Pictorial History Of The American Theatre 1860-1985        hard        1986
A Short History Of Las Vegas        soft        1999
A Trace Of Desert Waters The Great Basin Story        soft        1976
A Treasury Of Advertising Collectibles        soft         
A Treasury Of Old Silver        hard Large        1947
A Western Horseman Book  Calf Roping        soft        1984
A Woman's Vision-Califonia Painting bInto The 20th Century        soft        1984
AA Treasures Of Britain        hard        1976
Abraham Lincoln 1809-1858 I        hard         1928
Abraham Lincoln 1809-1858 II        hard         1928
Abraham Lincoln 1809-1858 III        hard        1928
Abraham Lincoln 1809-1858 IIII        hard         1928
Abstracts Of The Records Of The Society Of Friends In Indiana Part Four        soft        1972
Accoutrement Plates Nort & South 1861-1865        soft        1975
Adventures In Art        hard         1960 1st Edition
Advertising Giveaways To Baskets        hard         Time Life 1978
African Americans Voice of Triumph Perserverance        hard        
Al Anderson Auction  The C.W. Fishbaugh Collection Of  Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1990
Al Anderson Auction  The Charles F. Evans Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1989
Al Anderson Auction #75th   Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1990
Al Anderson Auction #80   Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1991
Al Anderson Auction #84   Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1992
Al Anderson Auction #85   Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1993
Al Anderson Auction #86   Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1993
Al Anderson Auction #87   Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1993
Al Anderson Auction #89   Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1993
Al Anderson Auction #90   Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1994
Al Anderson Auction #92   Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1994
Al Anderson Auction #93   Historical-Political-Memorabilia        soft        1995
Alaska And The Yukon        soft         
Alaska, The Yukon And Ghost Towns Of British Columbia        soft        1971
Alaskan Native Arts & Crafts        soft        1985
Alaska-The Yukon & British Columbia        soft        1971
All About Stamps        hard        1940
All American The Rise And Fall Of Jim Thorpe        hard        2005
Allied Military Fighting Knives And The Men Who Made Them Famous        hard         1984
Almanac Of World Crime        hard        1986
Alphonse Mucha The Complete Graphic Works        hard         1980
America For Sale A Collectors uide To Antique Advertising        soft        1991
American Antiques        hard         1972
American Art Treasures        soft        1989
American Arts Auction Prints & Historical Ephemera        soft        1992
American Chopper At Full Throttle        soft        
American Collectibles Exonumia At Auction with prices realized        soft         1991
American Drug Index 2000 Facts And Comparisons        hard        2000
American Furniture 1620 To The Present        hard        1981
American Glass        hard        1948
American Heart Association Fighting Heart Disease And Stroke Basic Life Support For Healthcare Providers        soft        1994
American Indian Trade Blankets        hard        1992
American Medical Association Complete Guide To Women's Health        hard        1996
American Military Collectibles Price Guide        soft         
American Needlework        hard        MCMXXXVIII
American Pocket Watches        soft        1983
American Political Badges And Medalets 1789-1892        hard        1959
American Premium Guide To Electric Trains        soft        1986
American Red Cross        soft         1987
American Red Cross Standard First Aid        soft        1993
American Science And Invention A Pictorial History        hard         
American Silversmiths And Their Marks        Soft        1983
American Social And Social Movements Catalog 4 Fall & Winter 1995        soft        1994
American Social History & Social Movements Sale #10 1998 Vote For Woman Suffrage Nov. 6th        soft        1998
American Social History And Social Movements        soft        1999
American Tobacco Cards Price Guide & Checklist Robert Forbes & Terrence Mitchelol        hard        
American Tobacco Cards Price Guide And Check LIst        soft        1999
American West A Historical Chronology        hard        1992
American West September-October 1981        soft        1981
American West Vigilantes And Violence        hard        2000
Americana & The West        soft        
America's First Ladies        hard         1996
Americn Printmaking The First 150 Years        hard        1971
An Encyclopedia Of Texas Post Offices Texas Post Offices Under Five Flags        hard         1993
An Illistrated Price Guide To Non-Paper Sports Collectibles by Ted Hake & Roger Steckler        soft         1986
An Index To The Publications Of The Nevada Historical Society 1907-1971        hard        1977
Anaconda Memories 1883-1983        soft         1983
Ankeny's New Market Theater 1872        soft        1976
Annie Oakley        hard        1992
Antique Bottles Oregon-Washington        soft        1972
Antique Collector         soft         1982
Antique Fakes And Reproductions        hard        1950
Antique Furniture For Modern Rooms        hard        1948
Antique Gunpowder Cans And Kegs Price Guide        soft        1985
Antique Label Art Cigar Box Label Art Cigar Box-Fruit Crate-Can Labels        soft        199
Antique Medical Instruments With Revised Price Guide        soft 2        1987
Antique Mining Equipment And Collectibles         soft        2002
Antique Roadshow Collectibles        hard        2003
Antique Tins Identification & Values        hard        
Antique Toy World        soft        1986
Antique Toy World January 1996 Volume 26 Number 1        soft        1996
Antique Toy World January 1996 Volume 26 Number 2        soft        1996
Antique Toy World July 1998        soft        June 1905
Antique Trader Book Collector's Price Guide        soft        2003
Antiques & Fire Collectibles Catalog Volume 1 Spring 1995        soft         1995
Architects Of Air Power        hard         Time Life 1980
Architecture From Prehistory to Post-Moderism        hard        1986
Archival Quality Materials "Catalog"        soft        1994
Are We To Be A Nation The Making Of THe Constitution        soft         1987
Arizona Adventure Action Packed True Tales Of Early Arizona Marshall Trimble        soft        1979
Arizona Highways         soft        June 1975
Arizona Highways July 1971 Glass Indian Trade Beads        soft        July 1971
Arizona Highways Manhunts & Massacres        soft        
Arizona Highways Turquoise Blue Book        soft        1975
Arizona History And Government        hard        1984
Arizona PLace Names        soft        1988
Arizona Territory Post Offices & Postmasters 1961        hard        1961
Arkansas 1850 Census Index        hard 2        1976
Army Lore        hard        1954
Art & Antiques Top 100 Collectors        soft         2003
Arthur Fox Davies-The Art of Heraldry an ecyclopedia of Armory 153 Full page plates. 1,135 other illistrations        hard        1976
Ashton's Big Little Book Catalog Price Guide For 1973        soft 2        1973
Assaying And The California Gold Rush  "A Catalog Of Goods For Sale By Fred Holabird Americana Reno, Nevada"        soft        1999
Atlas Of Human Anatomy Second Edition        soft        1997
Atlas Of Western Art History Artists, Sites & Movements From Ancient Greece To Modern Age        hard        1994
Atlasses, Travel And Natural History        soft        1988
Auction April 22, 2000 Early American Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        2000
Auction April 3, 1999 Early American Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        1999
Auction August 26, 2000 Autographs-Coins-Currency-Americana        soft        2000
Auction Catalog-Autographs & Americana The Civil War, Stocks & Bonds        soft        2004
Auction Catalog-Autopraphs and Americana Posters, Maps And The Vivil War Stocks and Bonds        soft         2003
Auction December 11 1999 Early American Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        1999
Auction February 10, 2001 Early American Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        2000
Auction February 12, 2000 Early American Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        2000
Auction June 10, 2000 Early American Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        2000
Auction June 12 1999  American-Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        1999
Auction June 27, 1998 Early American Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        2000
Auction June 9, 2001 Early American Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        2001
Auction March 11-1979        soft        1979
Auction October 14, 2000 Early American Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        2000
Auction October 16, 1999 Early American Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        1999
Auction: Autographs-Coins-Currency-Americana        soft        1999
Auction: HHolabird Americana Presents Mail Bid & Internet Auction #41        soft 2        2005
Auction: Mining History In America A Catalog Of Goods For Sale May 1999        soft        1999
Auction: Southebys  19th & 20th Century Prints  Contemporary Prints & Paintings By Japanesde artists        soft        1992
Auction: Strasburg Stock And Bond Auction No. 235        soft        2004
Auction: The Alexandra Tillson Filer Collection Part II Colorado-Nevada-Montana        soft        2000
Auction: The Gottschalk Collection Steam Toys And Other Toys        soft        1990
Auction: The Peter Sidlow Collection With Prices Realized        soft        1989
Auction: The Peter Sidlow Vertical Pocket Tobacco Tin  Collection        soft        1989
AuctionAugust 25, 2001 Early American Autographs Coins Currency Americana        soft        2001
Authentic Costumes & Characters Of The Wild West        soft        1992
Autographs A Collector Guide        hard        1973
Autographs-Coins-Currency-Americana        soft        1999
Autographs-Coins-Currency-Americana December 11 1999        soft        1998
Autographs-Coins-Currency-Americana March        soft        1998
Autographs-Coins-Currency-Americana May 23 1998        soft        1998
Autographs-Copins-Currency-Americana Auction  Early American History Auctions, Inc.        soft        1998
Automotive Toys At Auction: The Gottschalk Collection & Price Results        soft        1990 June 2
Automotive Toys At Auction: The Gottschalk Collection & Price Results        soft        1990 April
Avon 6        soft        1979
Back Care        soft        1975
Badges & Insignia Of The Third Reich 1933-1945        hard        1983
Banditti Of The Rocky Mountains & Vigilance Committee In Idaho An Authentic Record Of Startling Adventures In The Gold Mines Of Idaho        hard        
Barbara The First Decade The Films And Career Of Brbara Streisand        hard         1975 2nd Edition
Barlow Road        soft        1947
Barnstormers & Speed Kings        hard         Time Life 1980
Baseball Card Price Guide         soft        1988
Baseball Collectibles Price Guide        soft        1986
Baseball More Than 150 Years        hard        1997
Baseball Team Collectibles        soft        
Baseball's 50 Greatest Games        hard        1994
Baserball Card Plus        soft         2004
Basketry Of The North American Indian Reference Price Guide        soft        1994 Premier Edition
Bat Masterson The Man & The Legend        hard        1979
Battles For Atlanta Sherman Moves East        hard         Time Life 1983
Beads To Boxes        hard         Time Life 1978
Belle Starr        soft        
Ben Snipes Northwest Cattle King        hard        1957
Berlitz Basic French Dictionary        hard        
Best Of Santa Fe" Auction Of Fine American Indian Art        soft        1995
Between Tonopah And Goldfield A History Of Klondike, Gold Reef And Divide        soft        2007
Big Time Criminals Speak  Super Killers-Super Crooks-Super Cops & Victims Tell All In Their Own Words        soft        1980
Bill Mastro-The Best Of Yesterday Presents THe Mark Rucker Collection Auction         soft        1995
Bill Nye's Comic History Of The U.S.        hard        1984 1st Edition
Black Bart  The True Story Of The West's Most Famouse Stagecoach Robber        soft        1992
Black's Law Dictionary        hard 2        1990 6th Edition
Blow For The Landing         hard        1973 1st Edition
Blue Book Dolls & Values        soft        1993
Blue Book Illustratred Price Guide To Collectibles Cameras 1839-1980        soft        1979
Blue Steel And Gunleather        hard        1978
Bonanza WEst The Story Of The WEstern Mining Rushes 1848-1900        soft        1963
Book Prices Used & Rare        hard        1993
Bottles Of Bygone Days Part II        soft         1966
Brands Of Oranges And Lemons        soft        
British Awards & Medals        hard        1974
British Campaign Medals        hard        1984
British Pottery & Porcelain        hard        1986
Bronze & Sculptures        soft        1979
Brothels Of Nevada        soft        1973
Brother Against Brother The War Begins        hard        Time Life 1983
Bud Hastin's New 13th Edition Avon Products & California Perfume Co. Collectors Encyclopedia        soft        1994
Bud Hastin's New 15th Edition Avon Products & California Perfume Co. Collectors Encyclopedia        soft         1998
Buffalo Bill And His Wild West        soft 2        1989
Buffalo Bill And His Wild West        hard        1989
Buffalo Bill's Wild West An American Legend        hard        1998
Bug Busters Getting Rid Of Household Pests Without Dangerous Chemicals        hard         1985
Bulletin Genealogical Forum Of Oregon, Inc. Volume XXXVI Number 1 September 1986        soft         1986
Buttons To Chess Sets        hard         Time Life 1978
By The Editors Of Consumers Guide Prescription Drugs        soft        1995
California A History Fourth Edition        hard        1987
California A History Second Edition        hard        1969
California An Illistrated History        hard        1973
California Gold Camps        hard        1975
California Gold Story Of The Rush To Riches        soft        1980
California Historical Landmarks        soft        1990
California History Makers        soft        
California In Depth A Steroscopic History        hard        1994
California It's History & Romance        hard        1921 8th Edition
Cambridge World Gazetteer & Geographical Dictionary        hard        1990
Camping & Wilderness Survival        hard        1999
Canada Insight Guides         soft        1995
Canadian Country Store Collectibles 1979 Price Guide        soft        1979
Canadian Fancy Cancellations Of THe Nineteenth Century        soft        1973
Capitol Names Individuals Woven Into Oregon's History        soft        1977
Car Memorablia Price Guide        soft        1996
Carl Faberge        hard        1979
Carl Feberge Goldsmith To The Imperial Court Of Russia        hard        1983
Carnival Glass        hard        
Carnival Glass Price Guide         soft         1970
Cascade Alpine Guide Climbing And High Routes 1 Columbia River to Stevens Pass        soft        1987
Casino Love And Honor In Los Vegas        hard         1995
Catalog #85 Sworn & Saber "Specializing In Southern War Of Independence Memorabilia 1861-1865        soft        
Catalog Property of A Gentheman: Modern Fiction March 24,2011 Sale 450 PBA Galleries        soft        2011
Catalogue Of Civil War Photographers A LIsting Of Civil War Photographers Imprints 1861-1865        soft        1994
Championships Friendships The First 100 Years Of The Pacific Northgwest Golf Association        hard        1999
Champoeg Place Of Transition        hard        1967
Champoeg Place Of Transition        hard        1967
Character Toys And Collectibles        hard         1984
Charles W. Smith's Pacific Northwest Americana        hard        1950
Charles W. Smith's Pacific Northwest Americana        soft        1950
Checklist of Western Photographers        soft        1976
Chicken Soup For The Woman's Soul        soft        1996
Children's Books To Comics        hard         Time Life 1978
Chinese Art        hard         1936
Christie's South Kensington Collectors Guide The Popular Antiques Yearbook Trends & Prices         hard        1985
Christie's South Kensington Popular Antiques Yearbook Trends & Prices 1i 1988        hard         1988
Christie's Toy Trains        hard         2002
Christmas Collectibles        hard        1990
Christmas Collectibles A Guide To Selecting, Colecting And Enjoying The Treasures Of Christmas Past        hard        1993
Christmas Ornaments, Lights & Decorations        hard         1987
Christmas Ornaments, Lights & Decorations Values Updated        hard         1986
Christmas Past        hard        1985
Christmas Revisited        hard         1986
Chronical Of America        hard         
Cigar Box Label Art        soft        1994
Civil War Album Complete Photographic History Of The Civil War        hard        2000
Civil War Ghosts And Legends        hard        1996
Civil War Naval Chronology 1861-1865        hard         1971
Claire Ambler By Booth Tarkington        hard         1928 1st Edition
Coirkscrews & Bottle Openers        soft        1980
Collectible Card Game Check List & Price Guide        soft         2001
Collectibles" 1989 Compendium        soft         1989
Collecting And Identifying Old Watches        hard        1979
Collecting Art Nouveau Identification & Price Guide        soft        
Collecting Baseball Cards        hard         1993
Collecting Movie Memorabilia        soft         1977
Collecting Toys 3rd Edition        soft        1982
Collecting Toys No 6         soft        1992
Collectors Carousel including The Mechanical Bank Collection of Al Davidson Rock-N-Roll Mem.        soft        1988
Collectors Eye September 2000        soft        June
Colorado        soft        1993
Colorado Gunsmoke True Stories Of Outlaws And Lawmen On The Colorado Frontier        soft        1986
Colorado's Lost Gold Mines & Buried Treasure        soft        1973
Columbia California Gem of the Southern Mines        soft        1995
Columbia Gorge History Volume one        soft        1974
Columbia Gorge History Volume Two        soft        1975
Columbia River        hard        1963
Company Property Of The Wells, Fargo & Co's Express 1852-1918        soft        1993
Complete Guide To Boxing Collectibles        soft        1995
Complete Price Guide To Watches        soft        2010
Confederate Ordeal The Southern Home Front        hard         Time Life 1983
Confederate States Paper Money        soft        1993
Constitutional Law Fifth Edition        hard        1995
Cookbooks To Detective Fiction        hard         Time Life 1978
Country Furniture        hard        1989
Country Things        hard        MCMLXXIII
Cowboy Spurs And Their Makers        hard        1991
Cowboys & Indians        soft        1993-94
Crime Chronology A Worlwide Record 1900-1983        hard        1984
Crime Extra 300 Years of Crime in North America        hard         2001
Criminal Code Of Oregon        soft        2004
Cripple Creek        soft        1986
Cristram of Lyponesse-The story of an Imortal Love.        hard        1949
Current Procedural Terminology 1999        soft         1999
Currier's Price Guide to Currier & Ives Prints second edition        soft        1991
Currier's Price Guide to Currier & Ives Prints Second Edition        soft        
Currier's price Guide To European Artists 1545-1945 At Auction        soft        1991
Custer Battlefield        soft 2        1988
Death In The Trenches Grant At Petersburg        hard         Time Life 1983
Decoying The Yanks Jackson's Valley Campaign        hard         Time Life 1983
Deep Roots The History Of Blake, Moffett & Towne 1855-1955        hard        1955
Democrats Of Oregon The Pattern Of Minority Politics, 1900-1956        hard         1970 1st Edition
Dempsey        hard        1977 1st Edition
Denver's Lively Past        soft        1974
Department Of The Treasury Bureau Of Alchol-Tobacco And Firearms-State Laws & Publised Ordinances-Firearms        soft        1998
Depression Glass In Color         soft        1970
Desert Lawmen THe High Sheriffs Of New Mexico And Arizona 1846-1912        soft        1992
Desperate Men-Revelations From The Sealed Pinkerton Files        hard        MCMLIX
Dictionary Of Clocks And Watches        hard        MCMLXIII
Directory Of Historical Agencies In North America        soft        1986
Directory of Historical Societies and Agencys in the United States & Canada 11th Edition        soft        1978
Disneyanna Walt Disney Collectibles        hard        1974
Dogs To Fishing Tackle        hard         Time Life 1978
Doll Value Tenth Edition        soft        
Dollhouse Furniture        hard        1993
Early American Pressed Glass        hard        1946
Early American Silver And Its Makers        soft        1978
Early Oregon Days        soft        1987
Early Portland        hard        1970
Early Portland Stump-Town Triumphant 1831 Rival Townsites On The Willamette 1854        soft        1984
Echoes Of Glory                
Edison & The Electric Chair A Story Of Light And Death        hard        2003
Elagant Glassware Of The Depression Era        hard        1985
Emergency Care And Transportation Of The Sick And Injured        soft        1993
Empire Of The Bay An Illistratrd History Of THe Hudson's Bay Company        hard        1989
Empire Of The Columbia        hard         1957
Encased Postage Stamps        soft        1967
Encyclopedia Of American Tribes        soft         1999
Encyclopedia of Antiques and Collectibles        soft         2002
Encyclopedia Of Boxing        hard        1983
Encyclopedia Of British Art        soft        1985
Encylopedia Of Western Railroad History        hard         1986 1st Edition
English Looking Glasses A Study Of The Glass, Frames And Makers 1670-1820        hard         1965
Enjine ! Enjine !        soft        1939
Entertainment Memorabilia Ostober 15, 1995 Los Angeles Butterfield & Butterfield        soft        1995
Erotica Universalis         hard        1994
Essential Art Deco        hard        2000
Essentials Of Pharmacology For HEalth Occupations 3rd Edition        soft        1997
Exploring The American West 1803-1879        soft         1982
Extroadinary Women Of THe American WEst        soft        1999
Eye on the storm        hard        2000
Famous Letters        hard        1993
Field Days-The LIfe, Times & Reputation Of Eugene Fields        hard        1974
Fifty Years Of Collectible Fashion Jewelry 1925-1975 with updated values        hard         1992
Fighting Sail        hard         Time Life 1978
Financing An Empire History Of Banking In California        hard        1927
Firehouse Collectibles        soft        1979
Firehouse Collectibles Pricing Guide 2nd Edition        soft         1988
First Aid Handbook        hard         1995
First Blood Fort Sumter To Bull Run        hard         Time Life 1983
Fishing Tackle Antiques & Collectibles        soft        1994
Flames Across The Border THe Canadian-American Tragedy 1813-14        hard        1981
Flea Market Annual Shopper For Antiques And The New Collectibles        soft        1972
Flying THe Mail        hard 2        Time Life 1980
Flying The Mail The Epic Of Flight Time Life Books        hard         
Folk Art To Horse-Drawn Carriges        hard         Time Life 1978
Following The Frontier        hard        1964
Following The Nez Perce Trail        soft        1990
Food And Drink Containers And THeir Prices        soft        1988
Fool's Gold        hard         1960
Football Basket Ball Hockey        soft        
Football-Basketball & Hocky        soft        1995
Forked Tongues And Broken Treaties        hard        1975
Fort Davis        soft        1965
Forty Years On The Wild Frontier        hard        1985
Forward To Richmond McClellan's Peninjsular Campain        hard        Time Life 1983
Foster-Pettygrove Store Lists-Barlow Toll Road 1846-1919-History Of Eagle Creek Community        soft        1972
Free Grass To Fences        hard         1960
Free Land For Free Men A Stoy Of Clackamas County        hard        1973
From Fort Massachusetts To The Rio Grande        hard        2002
From Fort MassachusettsThe Rio Grande        hard        2002
Front Page 100 Years of the Los-Angeles Times        hard        1981
Frontier Times-Galena's Glory Era         soft        July 1977
Frozen In Silver The Life & Frontier Photography Of P. E. Larson        hard        1998
Fundamentals Of Nursing Human Health And Function  Third Edition        hard        2000
Fundementals Of Litigation For Paralegals        hard        1991
Games Of The XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angelas 1984 Commemorative Book        hard        1984
Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual        hard        2002
Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual        hard        1993 1st Edition
Gathering History The Marian S. Carson Collection Of Americana        hard        1999
Gazetteer Alaska-Oregon-Washington Loose Leaf Binders                1901
Geek Love A Novel        soft         1989
Geneological Forum Of POrtland Oregon Loose Leaf Binder        hard        
Geneological Research Directory National & International        soft        2000
General History Of Oregon        hard        1971
George Washington The Pictorial Biography        hard        MCMLXVII
Geriatric Pharmaceutical Care Guidlines        soft        1999
Gettysburg        soft        1987
Gettysburg The Condederate High Tide        hard         Time Life 1983
Ghoast Towns & Mining Camps of California        Soft        1972
Ghoast Towns Of The West        soft        1978
Ghost Towns Of Arizona        soft         1969
Ghost Towns Of Arizona        hard         1969
Ghost Towns Of The Rockies        hard        1992
Ghost Towns Of THe West        hard         1993
Goethe's Italian Renaissanc Medals        hard        1969
Gold & Silver Mines On The Comestock Lode        soft        1988
Gold A Brief History of Dawson City & THe Klondike        soft        
Gold And Silver in Oregon        hard         1968
Gold And Silver In The West        hard         1971
Gold And Silver Mining In THe West        hard        1971
Gold Creeks And Ghost Towns-East Kootenay-West Kootenay-Boundry-Okanagan-And Similkameen        soft        1973
Gold In Washington        soft        1955
Gold Mines Of Southwest Oregon        soft        1987
Gold Mining In Oregon        soft        1995
Gold Mining In Oregon         soft 2        1995
Gold Rush Country        soft         1978
Gold Rush Country        Soft        1973
Gold Rushes And Mining Camps Of The Early American West        hard         1968 1st Edition
Golden Gulch The Story Of Montana's Fabulous Alder Gulch        soft        1970
Golden Gulch The Story Of Montana's Fabulous Alder Gulch        soft        1991
Goldfield Boom Town Of Nevada        soft        1977
Goldmine Price Guide To 45 RPM Records        soft        2003 4th Edition
Great American West Collectibles Identification & Values        hard        June 1905
Great Gunfighters Of The Kansas Cowtowns 1867-1886        soft        1967
Great Moments In Oregon History  Including The Rajneesh Story        soft        1987
Great Train Robberies Of The Old West        soft        2007
Green Berets At War        hard        1985
Guardian Of The Grasslands        hard        1971
Guide To The Colorado Ghost Towns & Mining Camps        hard        1959
Guide To The Mother Lode Country        soft        1971
Gun Owner's Book Of Care-Repair And Improvement        hard        1974
Gunfighters & Highway Men & Vigalentes Violence On The Frontier        soft        1984
Guns & The Gun Fighters        hard        1982
Guns Illistrated 1994        soft        1994
Gypsyfoot Entewrprises Inc. Fixed Price List #5: Checks-Drafts-Bills of Exchange and Related Fiscal Instruments        soft        
Hakes Guide To Presidential Campain Collectibles                1992
Handbook For Genealogical Correspondence        hard         1963 1st Edition
Handbook Of Nonprescription Drugs Sixth Edition        hard        1979
Handy Book For Genealogists        hard        1991
Handy Book For Genealogists        hard        1971
Hang Tough Grant Sawyer An Activist In The GGovernor's Mansion        hard        1993
Hawaiian Monarchs & Their Palaces        soft        1987
Hear Me My Chiefs Nez Perce Legend & History        soft        1983
Heartsaver Manual A Student Handbook For Cardiopulmonary Resucitatrion        soft        1987
Henry VIII And His Court        hard         1971
Hidden Treasures Searching For Masterpieces Of American FurnitureLeigh Keno and Leslie Keno        Hard        2000
Highways & Parks Slot Machine Man-The Great Horse Race Feud         soft        1970
Highways & Parks Special Centennial Issue 1964        soft        1964
Historic Chicken Ranch "Inside Madam Book"        soft        1982
Historic Mining Camps Of Nevada Goldfield        soft        1982
Historical Atlas Of The Pacific Northwest Maps Of Exploration and Discovery        hard         1999
Historical Needlework Of Pennsylvania        hard         MCLMVIII
Historical Quarterly July 1917        soft        1917
Historical Quarterly July 1918        soft        1918
Historical Tales Vol XIII King Arthur Volume 1        hard        1908
Historical Tales Vol XIV King Arthur Volume 2        hard        1908
History Of America Painting 1760-1835 The Light Of The Distant Skies        soft        1969
History Of Arizona        soft        1977
History Of Motorized Vehicles Mechanical TRaction & Travel 1769 To 1946        soft        1946
History of Texas        hard        1939
Hogarth Marrage A La Mode And Other Engravings        hard        1947
Hogarth To Cruikshank Socisl Change In Grafic Satire        hard        1987
Holabird Americana L.L.C. Collecting The West        soft 2        2005
Home Medical Encyclopedia        hard         1989
Houdini His Legend And His Majic        soft        1978
House Miscellaneous 1st Sess-31st Congress Vol. 1 1849-50        hard         1850
How To Select & Use Minolta Maxxum SLR Cameras        soft         1986
How To Shoot        hard        1976
Hull The Heavenly Pottery Third Edition  Alphabetical Numerical Pictorial Pocket Size Price Guide        soft        1993
Huxford's Collectible Advertising An Illistrated Value Guide        soft        
Huxford's Fine Art Value Guide Vol II        hard         1991
Huxford's Pepsi Cola Collectible Advertising An Illistrated Value Guide        hard        1995
I Remember Distinctly A Family Album Of The American People In The Years Of Peace 1918 To Pearl Harbor        hard        1947
I Want To Quit Winners        hard        1961
Identification And Vale Guide To Scouting Collectibles        soft        1984
Illustrated History Of South Africa        hard         1989
Images Of America-Downtown Vancouver        soft        2004
Important Advertising Auction To Include "The Beer Museum" Price Guide        soft        1992
Impressionist & Moder Art Part Two May 11, 2000 Southeby's        soft         2000
In Nevada The Land, The People, God, And Chance        hard        1999
Index Oregon Donation Land Claims Second Edition Reprinted 1992        soft        1992
Indian Baskets & Their Makers        hard        1974
Indian Talk Hand Signals Of The American Indians        soft        1970
Indians North Amerian Indian Life 1847-1929        hard        1973
Inkwells To Lace        hard         Time Life 1978
Inside Sports Golf        soft        1997
International Art Sales #1        hard        1961
International Classification Of Diseases 9th Revision  Clinical Modification Fifth Edition Color Coded  1998        soft        1998
Introduction To The Woodcut Of The Seventeenth Century        hard        1977
Jack London's Tales Of Adventure        hard         1956 1st Edition
Jacobsen's Painting Price Guide        soft        1973
Jailbirds & Stool Pigeons Crime Stories Of The West        soft        1999
Japanese Prints        hard        1994
Jefferson County Colorado        soft        1962
Jeffrey Hiare Auctions Inc. Military Sale No. 12        soft        1994
Jerry Smith's Collections From The American Past        hard        1976
Jewelry, American Paintings, Prints, Art Nouveau, Silver, Rugs, Furniture And Decorations, Oriental Works Of Art        soft         1981
Jimmy Hatlo's Little Iodine Coloring Book "Karen Reichstein Moore" Harold & Helen Reichstein her parents        soft        1951
Joann Levy They Saw The Elephant Women In THe California Gold Rush        hard        1990
John James Audubon The Birs Of America The Viviparous Quadrupeds Of North America        soft        1989
John Selman Gunfighter        soft        1992
Justice In War Time        hard        1917
K.C. Gilland 11th Auction 1982        soft        1982
K.C. Gilland 11th Auction 1983        soft        1983
Keeping The Peace  Police Reform In Montana 1889 to 1918        soft        1994
Ken Uston On Blackjack        hard        1986
Keystone Metal Quarry Catalog 1927        hard        1927
Klondike The Last Great Gold Rush 1896-1899        soft        1993
Knight of the Road The life of highway man Ham White        soft        1990
Knights Of The Air        hard         Time Life 1980
Labor's Untold Story        soft        1984
LaDue Pioneer Coinage California Part I Auction         soft        2005
Lalique To Marbles        hard         Time Life 1978
Las Vegas From Trails To Rails        soft        1987 1st Edition
Las Vegas-Reno-Laughlin-Lake Tahoe        soft        1996
Last Of THe Great WEstern Train Robbers        hard        1968
Law Enforcement The First 100 Years 1889-1989 In Washington State        hard        2000
Law In America  Great Crimes And Trials        hard        1974
Law In America The Law In America        hard        1974
Law West Of Fort Smith        Soft        1971
Lee Takes Command From Seven Days To Second Bull Run        hard        Time Life 1983
Legend and Lies Great Mysteries Of The American West        soft         1997
Legends Of The California Bandidos        soft        1977
Legends Of The West Wild Bill Hickok        hard        1959
Lena Taku Waste These Good Things "Native American Art The Elizabeth Cole Butler Collection Of Native American Art        hard         1997
Lets Get Going        hard         1996
Lewis And Clark On The Trail Of Discovery A Museum In A Book        hard         2003
License Plate Values        soft        1994
Light On Old Lamps        hard        1946
Lola Montez        hard        1995
Louis C. Tiffany's Glass-Bronzes-Lasmps        hard        1973
Ludwig II The Mad King Of Bavaria        hard 2        1990
Lundy        soft         2000
Lyle Official Antiques Review 1997        soft        1997
Lyle Official Antiques Review 1997        soft         1997
Macdonalds Stage Coaches And Stations Eastern Oregon 1850-1920        soft        2009
Macdonalds Stage Coaches And Stations Western Oregon 1850-1920        soft        2010
Madam Chronicals Of A Nevada Cathouse        hard        1999
Maintain The Right The Early History Of THe Mounted Police        hard        1973
Making December 1998        soft        1998
Maloney's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory 5th Edition        soft        1999
Manhunt The Pursuit Of Harry Tracy        soft 2        1999
Map, Compass And Camp Fire        hard         1964
Maps Of The Civil War The Roads They Took        hard         1999
Marcus Whitman        hard         1968
Mario Puzo Inside Las Vegas        hard        1977
Martial Artts Traditions, History, People        hard         1983 1st Edition
Mary Ellen's Complete Home Reference Book        soft        1993
Master Index        hard         Time Life 1973
Master Index An Illistrated Guide        hard        Time Life 1983
Matchsafes To Nursing Bottles        hard         Time Life 1978
Maxfield Parrish        hard        1973 1st Edition
Mayo Clinic Guide To Self-Care        soft        1999
Mayo Clinic Heart Book        hard        1993
McBride Stamp Auctions         soft        1980
McBroom's Camera Blue Book 6th Edition        soft        2000
McNeal History Of A Federal Prison "No Dust Cover"        hard        
Mechanical Toys How Old Toys Work        hard        1989
Medallic Medals Of Washington        soft        1985
Medical Malpractice Theory-Evidence And Public Policy        hard        1985
Medical Terinology For Health Professions 3rd EDition        spiral        1997
Membership Directory 1991        soft        1991
Memphis International 1989 Public & Mail BId Auction Sale #81 With Prices Realized        soft        1989
Merchants And Miners In Utah        hard        1983
Merchants, Money And Power The Portland Establishment 1843-1913        soft        1988
Microsoft Windows 98        soft        1997
Military Collectbles An Intewrnational Directory Of Twentiet Century Militaria        hard        1983
Million Dollar VI"-American Indian Art Auction-1995        soft        1995
Mining History In America A Catalog Of Goods For Sale   The Wells Fargo Segerstrom Gold Leaf Collection        soft        1998
Mining History In America A Catalog Of Goods For Sale-The Wells Fargo Segerstrom Gold Leaf Collection        soft        1998
Miss America In Pursuit Of The Crown        hard         1991
Missing The End And The Myth        hard         Time Life 1973
Missing The Scouts        hard         Time Life 1973
Mobile Travel Guide Northwest 2001  Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba        soft 2        2001
Modern Silver Throughout The World 1880-1967        hard        1967
Montana And The Sky Beginning of Aviation in the land of the Shining Mountains        hard         1966 1st Edition
Monuments In Cedar        hard        MCLXIII
More Black Memorabilia A Handbook And Price Guide        soft        1999
More Than Memories III        soft         2000
Mosby's Medical & Nursing Dictionary 2nd Edition        hard        1986
Mosby's Medical & Nursing Dictionary 4th Edition        hard        1994
Motorcycle Collectibles        hard         1996
Motoring The Golden Years A Pictorial Anthology        hard         
Murray Hudson Antiquarian Books & Maps Catalog XIXAmericana  Exploration & Travel        soft        
Mustang Ranch And Its Women        hard        2001
Mythology Of The Americas        hard         1970 1st Edition
Mythology The Illistratred Anthology Of World Myth & Story Telling        hard        2002
N.E.Oregon's Western Life Style Magazine         soft        2012
Names On The Face Of Montana The Story Of Montanas Place Names        soft        1984
National League Green Book 77        soft        1977
National League Red Book 77        soft        1977
National Parks  Readers Digest-Explore America        hard        1993
National Parks Of The West        hard        1966
National Society Daughters Of The American Colonists 37th Yearbook 1965        soft        1965
Native American Indian Geneology        soft        2001
Navajo Pictorial Weaving 1880-1950        soft        
Navajo Rugs past-present & future        soft        1987
Necktie Parties Legal Executions In Oregon 1851-1905        soft        2005
Nevada Ghoast Torns & Mining Camps        hard        1970
Nevada Highways And Parks Summ,er 1969  Broadway On THe Desert   The Great Salt Lake        soft        1969
Nevada Historical Revue        soft        1974
Nevada Historical Society Papers Vol. 1 1913-1916        hard        1917
Nevada Historical Society Quarterly Spring 2006        soft        spring 2006
Nevada Historical Society Quarterly Winter 2005        soft        Winter 2005
Nevada Magazine August 2001          soft        August 2001
Nevada Magazine February 2001        soft        February 2001
Nevada Magazine October 2001        soft        October 2001
Nevada Mining Stock Certificates And Bonds A Preliminary Trial LIsting And Price Guide        soft        
Nevada Official Bicentennial Book        soft         1976
Nevada Place Names A Geographical Dictionary        hard        1974
Nevada Place Names A Geographical Dictionary        soft        1974
Nevada Postal History        hard        1973
New Mexico Place Names         soft        1965
Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers        soft         1991
Nineteenth Century Scientific Instruments        hard        1983
Ninteenth Century Glass        hard        1959
North Americans Indian Arts        soft        1970
North Cartolina Post Office Catalogue        soft        1995
Not War But Murder Cold Harbor 1864        hard        2000 1st Edition
Number 1 The Sports Americana Baseball Memorabilia & Autographs Price Guide        soft        1982
Nurse's Quick Reference        hard        
Nursing 87 Drug Handbook        soft        1987
Nutritional Assessment And Support A Primer Second Edition        soft        1994
Oak Furniture To Pharmacist's Equipment        hard         Time Life 1978
O'Brian's Collecting Toy Trains        soft        1999 #5 Edition
Official 1983 Price Guide To Antique Clocks        soft        1983
Official 1983 Price Guide To Hummel Figurines & Plates        soft         1983
Official Olympic Guide To Los Angeles         soft         1984
Official Olympic SouvenirProgram         soft 2        1984
Official Price Guide to Action Figures        soft         1997
Official Price Guide To Civil War Collectibles        soft        1995
Official Price Guide To Civil War Collectibles        soft        1995
Official Price Guide To Collector Prints Seventh Edition        soft         1986
Official Price Guide To Glassware Faeturing Carnival Glass & Depression Glass        soft        2000
Official Price Guide To Music Collectibles        soft        
Official Price Guide To Political Memorabilia        soft        1988
Old Books Value Guide        hard        1999
Old Glass         hard        1924
Old Magazine Price Guide        soft        1994
Old Master-Moder And Contemporary Prints        soft        1992
Old Prints And Engravings        hard        MCMXXXVII
Old Silver        hard        1937
Olivers Advertising & Country Store Auction        soft        April 1990
Olivers Advertising & Country Store Auction        soft        July 1990
Olivers Advertising & Country Store Auction        soft        1991
One Hundred And One Famous Poems        hard        1929 Revised Edition
One Hundred Years In Lincoln County, Oregon        soft        1993
One Man's Gold Rush        hard         1967
One Place Across Time-Vancouver National Historic Reserve        soft        2001
One Tough Marine First Sgt. Donald N. Hamblen and Major B.H. Norton        hard        1970
Oran's Dictionary Of The Law        near        1983
Orders & Medals Of Japan & Associated States        soft         1967
Orders, Decorations, Medals & Badges Of The Third Reich  Vol. 2        hard        1973
Oregon For The Curious        soft        1987
Oregon Handbook        soft        1993 Second Edition
Oregon Historical Quarterly        soft        Fall 1999
Oregon Historical Quarterly        soft        Spring 1991
Oregon Historical Quarterly         soft        Winter 2000
Oregon Historical Quarterly         soft        Spring 1999
Oregon Historical Quarterly         soft        Fall 1979
Oregon Historical Quarterly December 1967        soft        December 1977
Oregon Historical Quarterly Fall 1985        soft        Fall 1985
Oregon Historical Quarterly September 1958        soft        September 1958
Oregon Historical Quarterly Spring 1979        soft        Spring 1979
Oregon Historical Quarterly Summer         soft 2        Summer 1979
Oregon Historical Quarterly Summer 1992        soft        Summer 1992
Oregon Historical Quarterly Volume LXXX No-2        soft         1979
Oregon Historical Quarterly Winter 1987        soft        Winter 1987
Oregon Historical Quartly Winter 1997-98        soft        Winter !997-98
Oregon Historical Society Quartly Fall of 1983         soft        Fall-1983
Oregon Humanities The First Oregonians        soft        Winter 1989
Oregon Outlaws Tales Of Old-Time Desperadoes        soft        1996
Oregon Rules Of Court        soft        1995
Oregon Then & Now        hard        
Oregon Trail Sports Auctions February 26th, 1998        soft        1998
Oregon's Golden Years        soft        1976
Oregon's Golden Years        soft        1978
Our First Century The Los Angeles Athletic Club 1880-1980        hard        1980
Our Flag Number        soft        October 1916
Our General Heritage Oregon Historical Almanac Of Public Officials 1931-1987        hard        1988
Out West        hard        1987
Outlaw Of Tales Washington True Stories Of Washington's Most Nefarious Crooks, Culprits, And Cutthrouts        soft         2002
Outlaws-Mobsters-& Murderers        hard        1991
Owning Western History A Guide To Collecting Rare Doc uments-Historical Letters- & Valuable Autographs From The Old West        soft        June 1905
Pacific Book Auction Galleries        soft        1997
Pacific Coast Conference Records Book 1916-1951        soft         1951
Pacific Northwest Indian Wars        hard        1953
Paper Collectors Marketplace Feature: Cowboy & Cowgirl Valentines        soft        1998
Paperweights And Other Glass Curiosities        hard         1954
Pat Garrett        soft        1974
Pat McCarran Political Boss Of Nevada        soft        1982
Paul Revere's Engravings        hard        1969
Pennsylvania Postal History The Post Offices and First Postmasters from 1775-1994        hard         1995
Penny Banks A History And A Handbook        soft        1977
Penny Banks Around THe World With Values        hard        1996
Pens & Pencils A Collectors Handbook With Value Guide        hard        1996
Persian Cats And Other Longhairs  "Marie & John Groat"        Hard        1964
Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railway        soft        2009
Petretti's Coca Cola Collectibles Price Guide 9th Edition The Encylopedia Of Coca-Cola Collectibles        hard        1994
Philatelic Auction 2007 Portland-Oregon        soft        2007
Phonographs To Quilts        hard         Time Life 1978
Photographic Antiques & Literature FDaguerreian Era        soft        1977
Photography Price Indicator 2001        soft        2001
Physical Therapy Aide 2nd Edition        soft        1999
Physicians Desk Reference         hard        1998
Physicians Desk Reference For Non Prescription Drugs And Dietary Supplements        hard        1999
Pictorial Encylopedia Ov Civil War Medical Instruments And Equipment Volume I        soft        1998
Pictorial History Of American Presidents        hard         1965
Picturing America 1497-1899 Volume #1        hard        1988
Picturing America 1497-1899 Volume #2        hard        1988
Playboy's Illistrated History Of Organized Crime        hard        1975
Players Of Cooperstown Baseball's Hall Of Fame        hard         
Pld American Prints For Collectors        hard        1974
Political Auction        soft        1990
Political Buttons Book III 1789-1916        soft        1978
Political History Of Nevada 1886        hard        1996
Political History of Nevada 1973        soft        1973
Politics On The Southwestern Frontier Arkansas Territory 1819-1836        hard         1964
Pollock's History Of Dolls & Toys        hard         1993
Popular Antiques Yearbook Trends And Prices Of Everyday Antiques For 1987        hard         1987
Portland A Pictprial History        hard        1980
Portland Fire & Rescue        soft        2007
Portland Names & Neighborhoods Their Historic Origins        soft        1979
Portland Then And Now        hard        2001
Portrait Of A Lawman U.S. Deputy Marshal Heck Thomas        soft        1996
Postmarks On Postcards        soft        1987
Pottery & Porcelain        hard         1953
Premium Ring Price Guide        soft        1966
Prescription For Nutritional Healing        soft        1990
Price Guide To Cameras 1982-1982        soft        1981
Price Guide To Tin Vienna Art Plates        soft         1996
Pueblo And Navajo Contempory Pottery And Directory Of Artists        soft        2000
Pursuit To Appomattox The Last Battles        hard        Time Life 1983
Quantrill And His Civil War Guerrillas        hard        1974
Queen Of Cowtowns Dodge City        hard         1952
Radio Premium CatalogAnd Price Guide        hard        1989
Radios T0 Signs        hard         Time Life 1978
Rail Road Magazine Nevada's Golden Railroad        soft        1955
Railroads In America        hard        1975
Raise Hell And Sell Newspapers        soft        1996
Rambles & Scrambles Around The English Lakes        soft        1987
Rare Books Manuscripts And Autograph Letters        soft         1947
Rare Books-Phillip J. Parages Catalogue 22-With Valuations        soft        1993
Reader Digest The New Beginner's Guide To Home Computing        hard         2001
Readers Digest   Discovering America's Past Customs, Legends, History & Lore Of Our Great Nation        hard        1993
Readers Digest Mysteries Of The Ancient Americas        hard        1986
Readers Digest New Fix-It-Yourself Manual        hard        1996
Reader's Digest North American Wild LIfe        hard        
Real Estate An Introduction To The Profession        soft        1986 4th Edition
Real Photo Postcards-Photografica & Ephemera  With Price Estimates        soft        1999
Rebels Resurgent Fredericksburg To Chancellersville        hard         Time Life 1983
Red Man's Land White Man's Law        soft        1971
Resort City In The Sunbelt Las Vegas 1930-1970        soft        1995
Revue Manual For The EMT-Intermediat Self Assesment Practice Tests Third Edition        soft        1990
Rhyolite        soft        1970
Rhyolite Death Valley's Ghost City Of Golden Dreams        soft        1953
Rights of Indians & Tribes        soft        1977
Royal Family Of The Columbia Dr. John McLoughlin And His Family        hard         1978
Royal Photograph Gallery        hard        
S & S Firearms 2008 Catalog Of Military Americana        soft        2008
Saga Of Chief Joseph        soft         1971
Saloons Of {Old And New} Nevada Commentaries On The Role And Development Of The Nevada Saloon        soft        1992
San Antonio Was        soft        1978
San Juan Dispute        soft        1971
Scenes of Wonder And Curiousity in Calfornia        needs rebinding        1862
Schiffer Antiques, Collectibles & The Arts Autumn/Winter 2008-2009        soft        2009
Schoenhut's Dolls, Toys and Circus 1872-1976        hard        1976
Schroeders Antiques Price Guide        soft        1999
Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide 6th Edition        soft        1998
Scriptophilly-Collecting Bonds And Stock Certtificates        hard        1982
Scriptophilly-THe Art Of Finance        hard        1994
Seen About Town Commercial Art For Business Purposes Comicc Reno, NevadaThe Art Of Lew Hymers        soft        1998
Seven Language Dictionary        hard         1991 Edition
Seven Pillars Of Wisdom        hard        MCMXXXV
Shamrocks & Shepherds The Irish of Morrow County        soft        1981
Shaniko From Wool Capital To Ghost Town        soft         1982
Sherman's March Atlanta To The Sea        hard         Time Life 1983
Shooting Times HQ Handgun Quartly  1990 Buyers Guide        soft        1990
Shoshone MIke        soft        1987
Shotgun For Hire The Story Of "Deacon" Jim Miller  Killer Of Pat Garrett        soft        1970
Shotgun On My Chest  "Author Signed"        soft        2009
Shoulder Patches        loose        
Shoulder To Shoulder-The Stoirinh History Of The Suffragetts        hard        1975
Sierra Railway        hard         1960
Silhouettes To Swords        hard         Time Life 1978
Silver Pewter & Sheffield Plate        hard        
Silver Queen The Fabulous Story Of Baby Doe Tabor         soft 2        1975
Smith & Jones Auctions American & European Art Pottery Including Art Tiles Auction #127        soft        
Smithsonian Presidents Every Question Answered        hard        2004
Soldiers Of Fortune        hard         Time Life 1980
Someone To Love Me        soft        
Sotheby's Collectors Carsousel Including The Mechanical Bank Collection Of Al Davidson etc        hard         1988
Sources & Readings In Arizona History A Checklist Of Literature Concerning Arizona's Past        soft        1965
Sources Of The History Of Oregon Voluem 1 Parts3 t0 6 Inclusive        soft         1899
Sourdough Sky Alaska Bush Pilots Interior        hard        1969 1st Edition
Southeby's Important American Indian Art Friday June 12, 1992        hard         1992
Southerners-Portrait Of A People        hard        1986
Southwest Indian Silver From The Doneghy Collection        soft        1982
Space Adventure Colectibles        soft        1990
Spies, Scouts And Raiders Irregular Operations        hard         Time Life 1983
Sporting Goods-Gambling Cards-Gambling Devices-Fishing Gear-Guns        soft        1909-1910
Sports Auction #14        soft        1992
Sports Auction #20        soft        1996
Sports Pages of the Los Angeles Times        hard         1983
Sports POst Card Price Guide        soft         1998
Stagecoach West  The Story Of THe Frontier Express Lines That Linked The Nation Together        hard        1967
Stamp Auction Inc. 1979        soft        1979
Stamp Collectors Handbook        soft        1964
Standard Catalog Of Military Firearms The Collectors Price & Reference Guide 4th Edition        soft        2007
Standard Post Card Catalog        soft        1982
Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalog Part 1 British Commonwealth Volume 1 Great Britain And Countries A-I        hard        1992/93 Edition Large Size
Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalog Part 1 British Commonwealth Volume 2 Great Britain And Countries J-z        hard        1992/93 Edition Large Size
Stars & Stripes        soft         
Stereo World        soft        1994
Stocks And Bonds Of North American Railroads: Collectors Guide With Values Insiders First Edition        soft        1995
Stressfire Advanced Combat Shotgun Volume II Gunfighting For Police: Advanced Tactics And Techniques        soft        1997
Summit        soft        1987
Suplplement To History Of Union County Number 4        soft        1973
Symbols Of America        hard         1986
Tap Dancing On Ice The LIfe & Times Of A Nevada Gaming Pioneer        hard        1996
Teddy Bears & Steiff Animals        soft        
Teddy Bears & Steiff Animals        soft        1996
Teddy Bears & Styeiff Animals Second Series        hard        1987
Telephone Collecting Seven Decades Of Design With Price GUide        soft        
Telephones T0 Trivets        hard         Time Life 1978
Tenting Tonight The Soldiers LIfe        hard         Time Life 1983
Texans, Guns & History        hard        1970
Texfake An Account Of The Theft And Forgery Of Early Texas Printed Documents.        hard         1991
The 2005 ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia        soft        2005
The Aeronauts        hard         Time Life 1980
The Age Of The Moguls        hard        1954
The Airline Builders        hard         Time Life 1980
The Alaskans        hard         Time Life 1973
The Alexandra Tillson Filer Collection Auction Part I Western States "mining Stocks etc."        soft         2000
The Alexandra Tillson Filer Collection Part II-Colorad0-Nevada-Montana & The Anaconda Corporate Seals        sofr        June 2000
The All American Girls Professional Baseball League        hard         1994 1st Edition
The American Bar Association Family Legal Guide        hard         1994 2nd Edition
The American Frontier Pioneers, Settlers & Cowboys 1800-1899        hard         1992
The American Geneologist        soft        1990
The American Heritage New History Of The Civil War        hard        1996
The American Heritage Picture History Of The Vivil War        hard        1960
The American Medical Asociation        hard        1989
The American Medical Association Family Medical Guide        hard        1987
The American Medical Association Guide To Prescription And All Over The Counter Drugs        hard         1988
The American Penman Vol. XXXIII  1915-16        hard        1915
The American Prison From THe Beginning A Pictorial History        hard        
The American West        hard         1994
The American West        soft         1966
The American West        soft        1970
The American Woman's Gazetteer        soft        
The Animaliers A Collector's Guide to THe Animal Sculptors Of The 19th & 20th Centuries        hard        1973 1st Edition
The Antiques Book        hard        1950
The Antiques Directory 7,000 Illustrated Examples Of Fine Furniture        hard        1995
The Army's Fort Dalles        soft        1987
The Art Of Ceromony Regalia Of Native Oregon        soft        2009 Large Size
The Art Of Faberge        hard        1988
The Art of Walt Disney        hard        1966
The Assination Death Of The President        hard        Time Life 1983
The Astors & Astoria        soft         1990
The Bantamk Illistrated Guide To Early American Furniture        hard         1980
The Baskets Of Rural America        soft        1975
The Big Bonanza        hard        1967
The Big Book Of Antique Furniture        hard        2002
The Bite Of The Print        hard         1963
The Black West        soft         1987
The Blockade Runners And Raiders        hard         Time Life 1983
The Bloodiest Day The Battle Of Antietum        hard        Time Life 1983
The Blue China Book        hard        1916
The Book Of Bottle Collecting        hard        1973
The Brazen Overlanders of 1845        soft        1992
The Call Of Gold        soft         1972
The Canadians        hard         Time Life 1973
The Carrier War        hard         Time Life 1980
The Causes & Significance Of The Modock War        soft        1952
The Centurions Shield A History of the LOs Angeles Police Department        soft        1996
The Cherokee Land Lottery         soft        1968
The Chroniclers        hard         Time Life 1973
The City And THe Saloon Denver 1858-1916        hard        1982
The Civil War        hard         2006
The Class War In Idaho The horrors of the Bull Pen        soft 2        1900
The Coastal War Chesapeak Bay To THe Rio Grande        hard         Time Life 1983
The Coca Cola Company An Illustrated Profile        hard        1974
The Collection Of George Haney "Catalog"        soft        1988
The Collectors Encylopedia Of Disneyana A Value & Identification Guide        hard        
The Collectors Encylopedia Of Granite Ware        hard        1990
The Colorado Historical Society Quartly Feb 26 1979        soft        1979
The Columbian presents Clark County The Early Years 1850-1949        hard        2000
The Columbian presents Clark County The Early Years 1950-1999        hard        2000
The Complete And Factual Life Of Billy The Kid By William Brent  "1964 Artist Signed"        hard        1964
The Complete Book Of Dental Remedies        soft        1996
The Complete Book Of Locks & Locksmithing 2nd Edition        hard        1983
The Complete Sherlock Holmes        hard        1930
The Complete Talking Machine         hard         1986 1st Edition
The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare        hard        1936 1st Edition
The Confederate Image Prints Of THe LOst Cause        hard        1987
The Confererate Soldier In The Civil War        hard        
The Consumers Guide To Drug Interactions        soft        1993
The Covenant Chain Indian Ceromial And Trade Silver        hard        1980
The Cowboys        hard         Time Life 1973
The Culture Of Native North Americans        hard        2000
The Custer Album        hard        1964
The Divorce Seekers A Photo Memoir Of A Nevada Dude Wrangler        hard        2004
The Doctors Mayo        soft        1969
The Doctors Mayo        soft         1990
The Donner Party Chronicles        hard         1997
The Dreadnoughts        hard         Time Life 1978
The Earth Shook The Sky Burned         soft         1986
The Encyclopedia Of Glass Paperweights        hard         1959
The Encyclopedia Of Golf Collectibles        soft        1985
The Encyclopedia Of Lawmen, Outlaws, And Gunfighters        soft        2003
The Encyclopedia Of Sports        hard        1978
The Encyclopedia Of Sports        hard         1975 5th Revised Edition
The Encylopedia Of Rock        hard         1983 1st Edition
The Encylopedia Of Toys        hard        1986
The Encylopedia Of Trains & Locomotives        hard         1995
The End & The Myth        hard         Time Life 1973
The Enduring Vision A History Of THe American People        soft        1993
The Entertainers         hard         1980
The Essential Guide To Generic Drugs        soft        1986
The Essential Guide To Prescription Drugs        hard        1977
The Essiential Guide To Prescription Drugs        soft        1998
The Explorers        hard        Time Life 1978
The Expressmen        hard 2        Time Life 1973
The Family Guide To Prescripion Drugs 6th Edition        soft        1998
The Fight For Chattanooga Chickamauga To Missionary Ridge        hard        Time Life 1983
The Finest Collection Of Antique & Collectible Toys         hard         1990
The First Aviators        hard         Time Life 1980
The Foremost Guide To Uncle Sam Collectibles        hard        1995
The Forty-Niners        hard         Time Life 1973
The Frigates        hard         Time Life 1978
The Frontiersmen        hard         Time Life 1973
The Gamblers        hard         Time Life 1973
The Gamblers        hard         Time Life 1973
The Generals Of The Civil War        hard        1983
The Giant Airships        hard         Time Life 1980
The Gold Rush Widows Of Little Falls        soft        1990
The Gold Seekers A 200 Year History Of Mining In Washington-Idaho-Montana & Lower British Columbia        soft        1989
The Golden Anniversary Album Hummal        hard        
The Great Chiefs        hard         Time Life 1973
The Guinness Book Of Records 1994        hard         1994
The Gun Digest Book Of 9mm Handguns        soft        1986
The Gunfighters        hard         Time Life 1973
The Gunfighters Showdfowns And Shoot-Outs In The Old West        hard         
The Handy Book For Genealogists Sevent Edition        hard        1981
The Hell Hole The Yuma Prison Story        soft        1962
The Herb & Marth Schingoethe Obsolete Currency Collection Part 4 2005        soft        2005
The Hill Cadet Portland Oregon        soft        1928-29
The History Of Impressionism        hard         4th Revised Edition
The History Of Printing In America        hard        MXMLXX
The History of the Comstock Lode 1850-1920        soft        1943
The History Of THe Oregon State Police 50th Anniversary 1981        hard         1981
The History Of The U.S. Marshals The Proud Story Of America's Legendary Lawmen        hard        1993
The History Of THe Victoria Cross 1904        hard        1970
The Humboldt Historian         soft        1999
The Illistrated Encyclopedia Of  Aircraft        hard         2007
The Illistrated Encyclopedia Of  Automobiles        hard         2007
The Illistrated Encyclopedia Of  Railways        hard        2007
The Illistrated Guide To THe Collectibles Of Coca-Cola        hard        1972
The Indian Wars        hard        1982
The Indians        hard         Time Life 1973
The Internet For Dummies 4th Edition        soft        1997
The Kansas Historical Quarterly Autumn 1962        soft        Autumn 1962
The Kansas Historical Quarterly Summer 1960        Soft        Summer 1960
The Killing Ground Wilderness To Cold Harbor        hard         Time Life 1983
The Klondike Quest        hard        1983
The Lance And THe Shield  THe Life and Times of Sitting Bull        hard         1983 1st Edition
The Last Frontier A History Of THe Yukon Basin Of Canada And Alaska        soft        1985
The Law Come To Texas The Texas Rangers 1870-1901        soft        1999
The Lawless Decade        hard        1960
The Lawmen        soft        1989
The Legend Of Julia Bulette and the Red Light Ladies of Nevada        soft        1983
The Life And Times And Treacherest Death Of Jesse James        hard        1970
The Life And Times Of Charles Arthur Floyd Pretty Boy        hard        1992 1st Edition
The Lifetime Legal Guide        hard         1996
The Loggers        hard         Time Life 1973
The Look Of The Old West        hard         MCMLV
The Luftwaffe        hard         Time Life 1980
The Making Of Legends More True Stories Of Frontier America        soft        1997
The Mammoth Hunters         hard         1985 1st Edition
The Maxfield Parrish Identification & Price Guide        soft        1993
The Medal Collector        soft        1981
The Medals Yearbook A-Z        soft        
The Men-Of-War        hard         Time Life 1978
The Merck Manual Of Medical Information  Home Edition        soft        1997
The Mexican War        hard         Time Life 1973
The Miners        hard  2        Time Life 1973
The Nation Reunited War's Aftermath        hard         Time Life 1983
The National Parks        hard        1968
The Negro Leagues Book        soft        1994
The Nevada Adventure A History        hard        1972
The New Four Winds Guide To American Indian Artifacts With Price Guide        soft        2006
The New Four Winds Guide To Indian Weaponry, Trade Goods, And Replicas        soft        2007
The New Golden Land European Images Of America From The Discovery To The Present Time        soft         1975 1st Edition
The New Illistrated History Of THe World        hard        
THe Northern Paiute Indians Of California And Nevada        soft        1941
The Northwest Passage        hard        1981
The Official 1983 Pricxe Guide To Collectors Prints        soft        1983
The Official 1984 Price Guide To Antique & Modern Dolls        soft        1984
The Official Ebay Bible First Edition 2003        soft        2003
The Official Guide To Paper Backs & Magazines First Edition        soft        1986
The Official Rules Of Card Games        soft        1926
The Official Sotheby Parke Bernet Price Guide To Antiques & Decorative Arts        soft        1980
The Old Oregon Country        soft        1969 2
The Old Testament Three Hundred And Ninty Six Compositions Illustrating The Old Testament        used         1904
The Oregon Historical Quarterly        soft        Winter 1990
The Oregon Media Dirtectory        Spirol        1998
The Oregon Trail Revisited        hard         1972
The Oregon Trail Yesterday And Today        soft        2000
The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes        hard        
The Oxford Companion To American Theatre        hard        1984
The Pathfinders        hard         Time Life 1980
The PDR Family Guide To Women's Health And Prescription Drugs        soft        1994
The Pennsylvania Gazette Americana Collectibles "Featuring The Fred Holabird Collection"        soft        1993
The Phil Sheridan Album        hard        1968
The Philosophy Of Elbert Hubbard        soft        1930 1st Edition
The Picture Postcard & Its Origins        hard         1966
The Picture Postcard & It's Origins        hard         1966
The Pinkerton Story        hard        1951
The Pioneer Miner & The Pack Mule Express        soft        1976
The Pioneers        hard         Time Life 1973
The Pirates        hard         Time Life 1978
The Political Gallery Auctio #79        soft        1991
The Political Gallery Auctio#6         soft        
The Political Gallery Political Auction-The Paul J. Perlin Collection Volume I        soft        
The Political Gallery-Sports Auction #13        soft        
The Pony Express In Nevada        soft        1976
The Poster In History        hard        1989
The Presidents Lady A Novel About Rachel and Andrew Jackson        soft         1996
The Presidents Of The United States Volume 1 Washington-Hayes        hard         1968
The Presidents Of The United States Volume 2 Garfield-Johnson        hard         1968
The Print Collectors Bullitin Vol. 2 #6        soft        1931
The RAF At War        hard         Time Life 1980
The Railroaders        hard         Time Life 1973
The Ranchers        hard         Time Life 1973
The Readers Digest  Legal Question & Answer Book        hard        1988
The River Of The West The Adventures Of Joe Meek Volume #2        soft        1985
The Rivermen        hard         Time Life 1973
The Road To Kitty Hark        hard         Time Life 1980
The Road To Shiloh Early Battles In The West        hard        Time Life 1983
The Rolling Stone Record Guide        soft        1979
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police A Century Of History        hard        1973
The Rum Runners        soft        1977
The Saga of Ben Holiday        hard        1959
The Samurai Sword        hard        1977
The San Francisco Stage         hard         1950
The Sanders Price Guide To Autographs        soft        1997
The Scouts        hard         Time Life 1973
The Seamy Side Of Denver        soft         1993 1st Edition
The Shaping Of A City Business And Politics in Portland, Oregon 1885-1915        soft        1976
The Shenandoah In Flames The Valley Campain Of 1864        hard         Time Life 1983
The Shooters        soft         
The Sinon & Schuster Book Of The Opera        soft         1977
The Smithsonian Book Of Flight        hard         1987 1st Edition
The Soldiers        hard         Time Life 1973
The Song Of The Paramahamsa        Hard        1940
The Southeby Park Bernet Guide        hard        1975
The Spanish Main        hard         Time Life 1978
The Spanish West        hard         Time Life 1973
The ST. Louis & Benjmin Air Rifle Co.        hard        1999
The Standard Catalog Of British Orders Decorations & Medals With Valuations        soft        1969
The Standard Fine Art Value Guide        hard         1989
The Starr Report The Official REport Of The Independent Counsel's Investigation Of The President        soft        
The State Police & State Highway Patrol Badge Guide        soft        1995
The Stone Age Of Oregon        soft        1970
The Story Of Aircraft Seven decades of powered flight        hard         1974 1st Edition
The Story Of The Declaration Of Independence         hard        1954 1st Edition
The Story Of THe Latter Day Saints        hard        1976
The Struggle For Tennessee Tupelo To Stones River        hard        Time Life 1983
The Taming Of The West Age Of THe Gunfighter        hard        1993
The Teddy Bear and Friends Price Guide        soft        
The Texans        hard         Time Life 1973
The Texas Rangers        soft        1989
The Time Chart History of Mormonism        hard        2000
The Time Life Family Legal Guide        hard         1971
The Toadstool Millionaires A Social History Of Patent Medicines In America Before Federal Regulation        soft        1972
The Townsmen        hard         Time Life 1973
The Trail Blazers        hard         Time Life 1973
The Trains We Rode        hard         1965
The Trappers And Fur Traders Of The Southwest        soft         1950
The Triumphant Empire Volume XII Britain Sails Into The Storm 1770-1776        hard         MCMLXVII
The U-Boats        hard         Time Life 1978
The Ultimate Motor Cycle Book        hard        1993
The United States Government Manual 1998/99        soft        1998
The United States Marshals Of New Mexico & Arizona Territories 1846-1912        soft        1978
The Utter Disaster On THe Oregon Trail        soft         1993
The Victrola Book Of The Opera        hard        
The Vikings        hard         Time Life 1978
The Walla Walla Story        soft        1953
The War On The Webfoot Saloon & Other Tales Of Feminine Adventures         soft         1969
The Washington Historical Quarterly Vol. XXVI No. 1 January, 1935        soft         1935
The Washington Historical Quarterly Vol. XXVI No. 2 April, 1935        soft         1935
The Washington Historical Quarterly Vol. XXVI No. 3 July, 1935        soft         1935
The Washington Historical Quarterly Vol. XXVI No. 4 October, 1935        soft         1935
The West From Lewis & Clark To Wounded Knee        hard        1994
The Western American Indian Case Studies In Tribal History        soft        1972
The Western Peace Officer        soft         1975
The Whalers        hard         Time Life 1978
The Whitman Massacre Trial 1850        soft        1993
The Wild West Catalog        hard        2008
The Women        hard         Time Life 1973
The World Encyclopedia of Bombers        hard         2006 Large Size
The World Series An Ilistrated History from 1903 to the Present        hard         1986 1st Edition
The World Series An Illistrated History from 1903 to the Present        hard 2        1986 1st Edition
The WPA Guide To 1930's        hard         1994
The Ziegfeld Follies        hard        1956
This Bloody Deed The Magruder Incident        soft         1994
Those Spirited Women Of The Early West        soft        1989
Time Almanac 1999        hard        1999
Tins 'N" Bins        soft        1985
Tobacco Tins A Coillectors Guide        soft        1992
Tomart's Price Guide To Hot Wheels        soft        1993
Too Tough To Die Down And Dangerous With The U.S. Marshals        hard        1992
Topography-Travel-Prints-And Natural History        soft         1986
Torts Cases And Materials Eighth Edition  University Casebook Series        hard        1992
Tough Men Tough Country        hard        1963
Toulouse Lautrec        hard        1987
Toulouse Lautrec        hard        1987
Toys & Prices         soft        1993
Travelling America's Loneliest Road "Autographed "        hard        2000
Treasures Of The Smithsonian        hard        1983
Treasury Of American Antiques A Pictorial Survey Of Popular Folk Arts & Crafts        hard        
Turquoise Annual        soft        1976
Twenty Miles From A Match   Homestaeding In Western Nevada        soft        1978
Twenty Million Yankees The Northern Home Front        hard         Time Life 1983
Typewriters To World War Memorabeilla Index        hard         Time Life 1978
U.S. Federal Issues U.S. Liquor Tax Paids Strip Stamps Special Tax StampsVolume #1        soft        1996
U.S. Federal Issues U.S. Liquor Tax Paids Strip Stamps Special Tax StampsVolume #2        soft        1996
U.S. Grant Album        hard         MCMLXVI
U.S. West The Saga Of Wells Fargo        hard        1949
U.S. West The Saga Of Wells Fargo        hard        MCMXLIX
Understanding Medical Terminology  Sixth Edition        soft        1981
Union Pacific Country        soft        1971
Unions And Politics In Washington State        hard        1985
United States 19th Century Clipper Ship Cards        soft        1990
United States Military Medals And Decarations        soft        1979
Utah As It Is        hard        1904
Utah's History        soft         1978
Valentines With Values        soft         1996
Vancouver on the Columbia        hard         1986 2
Vatican Stamps1956        soft        1956
Vegas Live And In Person        hard        1989
Vernon's Collectors Guide To Orders-Medals & Decorations With Valuations        soft        1990
Very Close To Trouble        soft        1996
Vigilante         hard         1976
Vigilantes In Gold Rush San Francisco        hard         1985
Vintage Radio 1887-1929        soft        1981
Virgil Earp Western Peace Officer        soft        1996
Volume 1 Macdonald's Steanboats & Steamships Of THe Pacific Northwest        soft        2005
Volume 2 Macdonald's Steanboats & Steamships Of THe Pacific Northwest        soft        2005
Wagon Road North Historic Photos Of The Cariboo Gold Rush        soft        1965
Wagoner I.T. Quen City of The Praries        soft        1986
Walla Walla A Topwn Built To Be A City 1900-1919        soft         1982 1st Edition
Walt Disney's Micky Mouse Memorabila        hard        1981
Walt Disney's Missouri        hard        2002
War On THe Frontier The Trans-Mississippi West        hard        Time Life 1983
War On THe MIsissippi Grant's Vicksburg Campaign        hard         Time Life 1983
War Stories Veterans Remember WW II        soft 2        1995
War Stories Veterans Remember WW II        soft         1995
Waren's Movie Poster Price Guide        hard         1993
Warman's Antique American Games 1840-1940        soft        1991
Warman's Glass A Value & Identification Guide  4th Edition        soft        2002
Warman's World War II Collectibles Identification & Price Guide        soft        2007
Warren's Movie Poster Price Guide        soft 2        1986
Washington {State} Natural Resources Dept. Of Surveys And Marine Land Management Division Aquatic Land Management Washington Marine Atlas        
hard        1972 18" x 24" x 1"
Washington Ghost Towns        soft        1970
Washington Images Of A State's Heritage        hard        1988
Washington Territory Her Past, Her Present And THe Elements Of Wealth        soft        1967
We Were Soldiers Once And Young        soft        1992
Websters Home Medical Dictionary        soft        1995
Wells Fargo & Co. In Idaho Territory        soft        1984
Wells, Fargo Detective   A Biography  Of  James B. Hume        soft        1986
West Of Hell's Fringe  Crime, Criminals, And The Federal Peace Officer In Oklahoma Territory, 1889-1907        soft        1978
Western Americana  The Gafford Navajo Rug & Blanket Collection     "With Prices Realized"        soft        2004
Western Americana The Best Of 2003        soft        2003
Western Americana The Finest Offerings Of 2004  Holabird American L.L.C.        soft        2004
Western Americana The Harkey New Mexico & Indian Trader Collection & The Gillio Western Heritage Collection        soft        2005
Western Badmen         soft        1973
Western Doanes La Posta Volume XIII Nos.3/4        soft        1982
Western Express Research Journal Of Early Western Kails        soft        2006
Western Liquor Bottles R.E. Barnett        soft        1987
Western Magazine Price Guide & Collectors Handbook        soft        1995
Western Nevada  Nevada Historical Society Guide Book Series        soft        
Western Outlaws Vivid Accounts Of The Deeds & Misdeeds Of Nine Desperadoes        hard        1968
Western Places A Chronical Of Western Settlement Altmont Colorado June 1992        soft        1992
Western Places A Chronical Of Western Settlement Auburn Oregon December 1992        soft        1992
Western Places A Chronical Of Western Settlement Silver Mountain California September 1992        soft        1992
Western Places A Chronical Of Western Settlement Tybo Nevada Winter 1993        soft        1993
Western Wagon Wheels A Pictorial Memorial To The Wheels That Won THe West        hard        1970
Western Whiskey Bottles        soft        1991
What's In A Word        hard        2001
Whells Across America        hard        1959
Where THe Old West Stayed Young-Northwestern Colorado-Southwester Wyoming        hard        1962
Who Was How In The Civil War        hard        1994
Wild West Auction   "Featuring The Michael Friedman Collection As Shown In His Book Cowboy Culture"        soft        1994
Wildmen Wobbles & Whistle Punks        soft        1993
Willamette Landings        hard        1973
Wings & Things of the world        soft        1987
Wisconsin Post Office Handbook "Loose Leaf Ready"        sheets        
Without Sanctuary Lynching Photography In America        hard        2000
Women Aloft        hard         Time Life 1980
Women Together A History In Documents Of The Women's Movement In The United States        soft         1976 1st American Ed.
Works From The Collection Of Michael Crichton        hard        2020
World Encyclopedia Of Organized Crime        hard        1992
World War II Homefront Collectibles Price & Identification Guide        soft        
World's Most Popular Coins        hard        1957
Worst Pills Best Pills II The Older Adult's Guide To Avoiding Drug-Induced Death Or Iloloness  119 Pills You Should Not Use        soft        1993
Worst Pills Best Pills II The OLder Adult's Guide To Avoiding Drug-Induced Death Or Iloloness  119 Pills You Should Not Use        soft        1988
Woven History Native American Basketry        soft        2004
Woven History Native American Baskets        soft        2004
Your Guide To Federal Firearms Regulation 1988-89        soft        1988-89
Davis New Commercial Enclopedia Washington-Oregon-Idaho The Pacific Northwest    hard    1900
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