Rarity AKA Scarcity #'s

$7.50-$20.00   IN-NY-OH-PA  
R-2 $15.00-$40.00 IA-IL-MA-MI-MO
R-3 $30-$80.00    ME-MN-NE-NJ-WI
R-4 $37.50-$100.00   AR-CA-KS-KY-OR-WA
R-5 $75.00- $200.00   CO-DC-MD-NH-TN-TX "DC Only $5.00-$100.00"
R-6 $112.50-$300.00      CT-GA-LA-MS-MT-OK-RI-SD-VA-VT-WV
R-7 $187.50-$500.00   AL-FL-WY
R-8 $281.25-$750.00   AZ-NC-ND-NM-NV
R-9 $375.00-$1,000.00    DE-ID-UT
R-10 $750.00 $2,000.00  AK-HI-SC
Estimated values only for the most common ones of that state.
In most cases, these valuations are realistic, but you as the collector, of that state or town, are
the best judge as to their value, many towns could be as much as double these values.